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Murder Slim Press Updates: 2021

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It's 2021 and I think I'm still alive. The positives are that Jeffrey P. Frye, u.v.ray and Steve Hussy are officially free. So lighten up lockdown by reading some of our stuff...

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--- I've broken my right hand... but it's a good opportunity to get better with the left/sinister one. Did'ya know that Franz Kapra and H.G. Wells were left-handed? Ah well, these things will pass and life will be sweeter in 2022.

--- Maybe we're all a little mad... so let's celebrate the Ordinary Madness with Charles Bukowski.

--- Another Slim? There are uncanny similarities because WV has always been able to empathise with other people's lives. Willy Vlautin (who's in SK#10 ) tells a beautiful story here: Buy his books...

--- Well, this is terrible news. Norm MacDonald has gone. He was so smart and although his stand-ups may have seemed odd to normal folks, he consistently tapped into something wonderful.
--- The co-star of KING OF SOUND AND BLUES will be Robert Rhodes. Here is Robbie doing a great monologue from a u.v.ray script called THE CROONER. He's also going to be on the BBC soon in an Agetha Christie adaptation. Robert is going to be a star, and rightfully so.

--- As lockdown eases, we'll be filming u.v.ray's KING OF SOUND AND BLUES soon. I can edit quickly so the aim is for it to arrive before 2022. And, hey, I like a good ol' self-imposed deadline. We'll get there.
--- It's the 16th of August. Happy Bukday everybody.
--- New badass laptop... bought second hand with a battery I could replace. I'm back, baby.

JULY 2021
--- My laptop has packed in. Old Bertha is now a sadly missed friend. Five novels and a shitload of Photoshop and editing work were created on her. Book orders will - as always - be filled quickly for the next few weeks. But it's a chore to do anything other than write and check emails on Even Older Bertha.
Before I can get online again properly, here's George Carlin to cheer us up.

JUNE 2021
--- A great review of David Noone's SAINT OF THE CITY can be read here. If you know Baudelaire you'll know where the reviewer R.J. Dent is coming from. And, if not, read the book to find out.

MAY 2021
--- ICKY is here. We've finally finished five 175-pages novels covering the unsettling - but often funny - "icky" aspects of life that the mainstream are too safe to explore.
Academic (my experiences in the education industry), Narcoleptic (a crime novel about racism), Alcoholic (oh, just guess...), Schizophrenic (Al's experiences of paranoid schizophrenia) and Womanoholic (about the horrors - and occasional joy - of relationships).
Each novel is limited to 157 copies and if you buy them through MSP's Paypal shop, both myself and Al will sign them. They're 10 each in the UK and 15 each abroad.
These will be the only MSP editions released (we're currently talking to agents) so may well end up as collector's items.
I hope you enjoy them and maybe test yourself on one book. If you like a little icky-ness, you'll love it all.
Check out my webpages here for more information about my work.

APRIL 2021
--- MSP has cut business - but not personal - ties with Mr. Jeffrey P. Frye. Please follow his mainstream stuff via The Life Of Riley. Toppa t'morning to ya, t'be sure gimme a pinta Guinness (Jeff was born on St. Patrick's Day, so you'll know what the P. stands for).
The Bank Robber's Blog will always be available here and very best wishes for Jeff's new adventure. He'll make it by hook or by crook. Try to support him however you can... particularly by buying his books.

MARCH 2021
--- Still working on KING OF SOUND OF BLUES and u.v.ray has found our Elvis. He's a brilliant actor called Robert Rhodes. Once the pandemic restrictions are released, we'll get to filming u.v.'s great screenplay with some of my best ex-students. Depending on your beliefs, it's either a match made in heaven or hell. Either way, it's going to be damned good.

--- In the shitty world of the pandemic, good news feels even better. Jeffrey P. Frye has attained a scholarship from the SPF Foundation. Jeff's journey from The Bank Robber's Blog to mainstream crime fiction is going to be great to read. Check out Jeff's previous stuff here.

--- Jeffrey P. Frye is Back on the Bricks... Enjoy the latest post from the ex-Bank Robber's Blog as Jeff enjoys both freedom and creativity.
As a prison door opens, so does a new world.

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