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NARCOLEPTIC by Steve Hussy
MSP BOOK #039 / 175 PAGES

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"The light blasted Steve Hussy's eyes. He had been sleeping again.
"Each time he would wake with a jolt... his eyes stinging and his mouth dry.
"The more he drank, the stranger his dreams became. He enjoyed the way his brain kept trying to attack him. He would ride each dream through to its end always somewhere between conscious and semi-conscious.
"Yet this time when he blinked he knew he was fully awake: 'I'm in trouble, aren't I?"
"The voice was hollow but kind: 'Not necessarily.'"

[Steve Hussy, Narcoleptic]

Steve Hussy had become a private detective primarily as a joke.
As an alcoholic and jaded barman, he longed for something strange.
His narcolepsy prompts him to make his waking hours as bizarre as the dreams that pepper his lengthy - and often unbidden - sleep.
After his business partner is killed, he sets out to solve the murder of the perverse racist that he despised. His self-destrucive search for the truth means he cannot rest fully until the murderer is revealed.

Narcoleptic is the second part of my (and Al's) five-part Icky series, but can be fully enjoyed as a stand-alone crime novel.
If you haven't read my work before, try the novel that seems to suit your taste the most. If you like one book, you'll love 'em all.

The trade-paperback MSP release is limited to 157 copies, and I'll even sign it if you buy from the MSP Shop.
When I become a famous writer (cough) feel free to cash in on eBay.