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The Bank Robber's Blog: Jan 2021
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23rd January 2021

Hello everybody. It is me... in the flesh. Free. Finally. I am posting this to Murder Slim Press's Facebook -- and webpages -- so the first thing I would like to say to their some 4000 followers is that I apologize for not posting until now. I have been home for a little over a month now and I have been dealing with some serious health issues. Some of these are the very ones upon which The Honorable Judge Norton chose to turn me loose behind. I sat in a covid-inspired lockdown cell for nearly a year working on my mind and spirit, but I was unable to work on my body and it has suffered as a result of this. For nearly a year I was unable to obtain a refill for my COPD inhaler simply because the barely-licensed physician in the Federal Bureau of Prisons was simply unwilling to key it into the computer. How selfish of me to want to breathe during an international pandemic. But all of that's over now.

Let me just keep it real with you guys. I am still depressurizing from 12 years in the federal pen... 12 years of living in a violent and volatile environment. My average day during these years though wasn't shit compared to the last year I spent locked down in a room the size of your loo with a douchebag named Casper:

Dave Chappelle as a Crackhead

That beauty goes by the nickname Casper and was my cell mate during the lockdown. This is the fucking jewel that I mention in the last blog I did in November of 2020 titled LEAVING SHAWSHANK. I'll tell you something though. If nothing else, Casper was great for my spirituality because he would run me straight to Jesus just to keep from booking his circus-face-looking monkey ass. In the words of mi amico, "This cocksucker is trunkable."

Part of my resocialization process has been getting out there online in the social media square and meeting new people. This is where I met this coquette:

Cute Lady for you to perve over

We were getting along great. Laughing and joking and chopping it up like a brand new set of Ginzu knives. I loved her beauty and she loved my writing and my jokes. Her good taste in men was obvious. Then one sad misty morning I found out that her name is some consonant-ridden monstrosity and that “He” lives in Lagos, Nigeria and is telling me that I have won $150,000.00 in the lottery. Not only do I find out that my Venus has a penis, but that my little coquette actually looks like this:

Dave Chappelle as a Crackhead

Oh well. It’s still an upgrade from having Casper all up in my grille like crunch cake every day.

So , these days I am just kicking back and doing what I was put on this earth to do: Write. I’m back in the Chicago burbs and this is what my new multimedia command center looks like:

Multimedia Space Centre

Much to the disappointment of my vast international following who have in the past purchased my books from Murder Slim Press, I am going the route of self-publishing through KDP on Amazon. I have Book 1 of a five book series out titled The Life of Riley. I also have a Facebook page with some 600 Friends and am getting ready to launch a Facebook group for people who love to read and write. The name of this Group is going to be called The Ninth Lord, a takeoff from the name of my main character’s Irish-style pub in The Life of Riley. Admission to this Group will be $500.00. Just kidding... admission will be free.

That's all for now. I just wanted to stop by and take a few minutes to apologize for taking so long to say hello, and to tell you guys that I haven't forgotten about you. I appreciate all of the love and support that each of you have given me, and all of my books that you have bought throughout the years I was in federal prison. I'm back on the bricks now though, so you'll be hearing from me. This time I'm wearing a mask for all the right and legal reasons. Life is good, and I am blessed.

Jeffrey P Frye finally in a Mask

Jeffrey P. Frye
Joliet, Illinois
The Ex-Bank Robber's Blog