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MSP BOOK #036 / 174 PAGES

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ft. Willy Vlautin, Steve Hussy, Spencer Lane Adams, Kevin O'Kendley, Robert McGowan, Jeffrey P. Frye, Wayne T. Dowdy, Jack D. Larsen, Seymour Shubin and u.v.ray.

Ah, all good things must come to an end. THE SAVAGE KICK #10 is the last issue of SK. The release dates were always - ah - sporadic, because we had to make the issues as strong as possible. We've read over two thousand submissions over the last 15 years, and only the best have got through. We don't regret a published word.

SK#10 goes out with a bang, dealing with "Conclusions." Some good, some bad, and some hinting at the possibility of rebirth.

Ten authors feature in the last issue. The MSP writers - Jeffrey P. Frye, Robert McGowan, Seymour Shubin, u.v.ray and Steve Hussy - get their own send-offs with all-new, never seen before stories. And five other writers, including Willy Vlautin, gatecrash the farewell party.

MSP will always survive and will always sell books, but this is it for THE SAVAGE KICK, folks.
Even more so than ever, grab it while you can.

SK#10 Contents:

--- Savage Kick's Exclusive Interview with Willy Vlautin
--- The Janitor by Jack D. Larsen
--- The Word of a Woman by Spencer Lane Adams
--- An Average Day by Wayne T. Dowdy
--- The Alley by Kevin O'Kendley
--- Savage Kick's Exclusive Interview with u.v.ray
--- Mercy Me by Jeffrey P. Frye
--- Concerning Neal by Robert McGowan
--- Savage Kick's Exclusive Interview with Robert McGowan
--- A Loss Of Income by Seymour Shubin
--- The DTs by Steve Hussy
--- Savage Kick on "The Writers That Got Away"