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THE SAVAGE KICK #10 Introduction

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All good things...

THE SAVAGE KICK has lasted 15 years. We had four issues in the first two years, then we slowed down a lot. I wanted to make issues longer, more like a book but, ah... maybe it was a bad idea.

Iím the last editor standing. The severed head on the left of the creature on SK#4ís cover was the first to go. The next co-editor went just after SK#7. Iíve never wanted a wife and kids, as they did, so THE SAVAGE KICK became my own little baby. Thanks to some great writers, Iím more proud of it than a tiny poop-machine.

The death of THE SAVAGE KICK is because most, almost all, people donít ďgetĒ short stories. It doesnít matter how great they are. Even someone as proficient as Mark SaFranko only found success with his novels. Ultimately, the majority want looooooong tomes padded with fluff. Tedious world-building and overblown descriptions are an all too easy way to fill pages.

The success of endless TV shows like Game of Thrones display a curious mix of impatience and patience. One hourís worth of shit as part of a hundred hour turd is much more palatable. Some can gobble down a six hour log in a day, though.

But youíre here.

Thank you for that. Itís hugely appreciated.

We had about as many submissions as sales over 15 years. Something like two thousand. Each sale felt like a godsend. Each submission was an adventureÖ some were Game of Thrones and some were The Third Man. And it was always fun.

So, here goes... enjoy this last savage kick to your noggin!

Murder Slim Press