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"Some of it is crime fiction, some of it is in the Bukowski confessional style and some of it just plain old resists easy categorization. It's raw and uncompromising stuff though, so the basement crazies need to step up and get some.
"At 232 pages you'll find stories you like here. There is also interviews and interior illustrations so for 10 pounds you won't find a better deal."
--- Brian Lindenmuth (Spinetingler Magazine)

"This is the first issue of THE SAVAGE KICK I've read, and it lives up to its name. The highlights for me were the interviews with Seymour Shubin (the author of the novel THE HUNCH, published by Murder Slim Press) and Joe R. Lansdale his ownself, accompanied by previously unpublished stories by both authors. Shubin's story is one of the creepiest things I've ever read, and I say that as a good thing. Joe's story is short, nasty, and as usual, very evocative of a time and place. I enjoyed all the other stories, as well as the politically incorrect cartoons by Ivan Brunetti.
"The stories in THE SAVAGE KICK not for the squeamish or easily offended. But they have the same sort of raw power."
--- James Reasoner (Rough Edges)

"How's about a SAVAGE KICK to the crotch? Murder Slim Press' roughly annual literary magazine makes a strong case for its hyperbolic "world's greatest" tag with this, its fifth issue. It sports a great cover that parodies an old issue of FANTASTIC FOUR, but luckily, there's more greatness inside.
"All in all, the bound mag is 232 pages worth of work that's unafraid to be exactly what it wants to be, so take it or leave it. BOOKGASM fans, that means take it."
--- Rod Lott (Bookgasm)

"Every issue is a literal kick in the stomach. Nothing more to say..."
--- Stathis (Goodreads)

"A few months ago I ordered, from the U.K., all four issues of a magazine called THE SAVAGE KICK.... It's a very unusual literary journal for a number of reasons... [especially in] that all the short stories in it are worth reading."
--- Nick Mamatas (The Smart Set)

"The new issue of SAVAGE KICK, the tough kid of British lit magazines, is here. SK is the brainchild of Steve Hussy and Richard White, and Hussy is no slouch himself when it comes to writing: I was proud to recently write the introduction to his chapbook STEPS. The problem with a lot of lit zines is that they have no clear sense of who they are, but this is not the case with SAVAGE KICK. They have a very definite aesthetic: from the design to the words inside, SK has the tendency towards 'if you like one story, you'll like them all.'
"Supporting small presses is a noble, but sometimes thankless task. But Hussy, White and crew have produced a beautiful-looking object that is literally packed with great writing. You will want to own this, and return to it again and again."
--- Tony O'Neill (3am Magazine)

"For readers who prefer writing that lets them know how hard the concrete is without making you feel bad about it, THE SAVAGE KICK is for you. It looks great and the quality of writing and artwork is brilliant. I spend so many hours in bookshops and libraries looking for words. Words I need, words I trust, words that ring true to me, that speak of a life having been lived first, imagined later (not the other way round which is what is wrong with alot of modern fiction). Art should not be complacent, it should give us the kick, the savage kick we need, to wake up and remember that our living and dying is important. That's why we create art. Buy this. "
--- Zah Rasul (Amazon)