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MSP BOOK #002 / 74 PAGES

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ft. Dan Fante, Mark SaFranko, Steve Hussy and more....

SK#1's 20,000 words will blow your dainty little socks off.
The original colour version of The Savage Kick premiere sold out... but...
Now you can now buy a beautiful B&W limited edition collection of Savage Kick #1, #2, #3 and #4, via Amazon.

SK#1 Contents:

--- Renewal by Dan Fante
--- Savage Kick's Exclusive Interview with Dan Fante
--- Role of a Lifetime by Mark SaFranko
--- Tara by Steve Hussy
--- The Parks by Thomas Salter
--- Deviation by Anna Caffrey
--- Red by Ricardo Daire
--- Eight pages of original art by Richard Watts