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MSP BOOK #034 / 158 PAGES

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ft. Mark SaFranko, Drew Slagter, Jose Pep Arroyo, Wayne T. Dowdy, Benjamin Peurey, Nick Benca and Jeffrey P. Frye.

You wait three years for a new SAVAGE KICK and then two come along in a few months.

SK#9 is the second of them... CONVICTIONS deals with writers confronting the risks of their actions.
Can they survive their choices - sometimes simply just moments - unscathed? Three of the writers in the book are convicted felons... but which ones are they?

MSP writers Mark SaFranko and Jeffrey P. Frye - very much a victim of his own convictions - appear alongside such acknowledged writers such as Jose Pep Arroyo and Benjamin Peurey.

SK#9 Contents:

--- Savage Kick's Exclusive Interview with Mark SaFranko
--- Thirst by Mark SaFranko
--- Guns, Drugs and Thugs by Wayne T. Dowdy
--- The Pink Revolution by Benjamin Peurey
--- Laundromat Blues by Jose Pep Arroyo
--- Patience by Nick Benca
--- A Law Abiding Man by Drew Slagter
--- Exclusive Interview with Jeffrey P. Frye