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MSP BOOK #011 / 232 PAGES

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ft. Ivan Brunetti, Mark SaFranko, Joe R. Lansdale, Seymour Shubin and more....

The Savage Kick is as brutal as ever, but now it's a hell of a lot bigger. SK#5 has 55,000 words of page-turning blasts exclusive to SK.
It's a triple-sized issue, racking in at 232 pages, with exclusive stories from Mark SaFranko, Joe R. Lansdale, Seymour Shubin and more...

SK#5 Contents:

--- Savage Kick's Exclusive Interview with Ivan Brunetti
--- Selected Cartoons by Ivan Brunetti
--- Another Tough Time by Mark SaFranko
--- Deadly Spanking by Jim Hanley
--- First by Steve Hussy
--- Slut, Bitch, Whore by Julie Kazimer
--- Exclusive Interview with Seymour Shubin
--- Lonely No More by Seymour Shubin
--- Worse Feeling There Is by Robert McGowan
--- Bloody Virtue by Jeffrey Bacon
--- Carl of Hollyweird by Kevin O'Kendley
--- Halloween by J.R. Helton
--- Exclusive Interview with Joe R. Lansdale
--- One Of Them by Joe R. Lansdale
--- Savage Kick's Pick of the Best Book & Film of 2009
--- Cover art by Richard Watts
--- 10 Pages of Interior art by Steve Hussy