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MSP BOOK #033 / 142 PAGES

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ft. Cathi Unsworth, David Noone, Steve Hussy, Robert McGowan, Anthony Tinsman, Grant Flint and Amy Yolanda Castillo.

You wait three years for a new SAVAGE KICK and then three come along in a few months.

SK#8 is the first of them... CONFESSIONS deals with people revealing their darkest - or sweetest - secrets.
That concept has been at the core of every issue of THE SAVAGE KICK.

Previous writers Robert McGowan and Steve Hussy return; along with folks like Cathi Unworth and MSP's latest member, David Noone.

SK#8 Contents:

--- Savage Kick's Exclusive Interview with Cathi Unsworth
--- Intoxicated Man by Cathi Unsworth
--- Fourth Degree Burn by Amy Yolanda Castillo
--- The Fix by R.C. Rogers
--- Exclusive Interview with David Noone
--- Confessions of a Tennessee Lowlife by Anthony Tinsman
--- Secretary by Robert McGowan
--- Harvest by Steve Hussy
--- Mara by Grant Flint