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MSP BOOK #042 / 175 PAGES

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"You go with men who do drugs, honey, so you can do drugs. You go with men who drink so you can drink."
"No, I just love drinking."
She had glittery eyeshadow to try and conceal her dead eyes, "Some people are a radiator and some people are a drain."
"Oh, Ally, honey," she went on, "would you treat other people how you treat yourself?"
I scowled, "Depends whether they deserve it or not."
All their glassy minds didn't register anything as insightful as empathy, only the insidious hope you'd be "normal." To be a version of THEM.

[Ally North, Schizophrenic]

Ally North's life is shattered by abuse at the age of 11, but she refuses to fit the stereotype of a beautiful victim. By turns she is intelligent and funny, psychotic and violent. Cognizant of her symptoms of schizophrenia, she tries to control them with alcohol and drugs.
It's never wise to fight a passionate tomboy; and she finds support in her devoted father, Davey, and in her ex-teacher friend, Steve Hussy.

Schizophrenic is the fourth part of the five-part Icky series, but can be fully enjoyed as a stand-alone novel.
For this one, my frequent editor Ally North takes over the writing reins with her debut novel. It's the most intense of the Icky Pink Quintology... and that's saying something!
If you haven't read our work before, try the novel that seems to suit your taste the most. If you like one book, you'll love 'em all.

The trade-paperback MSP release has a silky, matt cover. I used to draw - and grew to hate it - but I dusted off my ink and Photoshop "skills" for Al's book.
Schizophrenic is limited to 157 copies, and Ally will sign it if you buy from the MSP Shop.
When she becomes a famous writer, feel free to cash in on eBay...