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WOMANOHOLIC by Steve Hussy
MSP BOOK #043 / 175 PAGES

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"Bobby had been a womanoholic from childhood, Ricardo and Thomas had been converted into the ideology aged 25, but Jon's experiences meant he wanted to take a different approach to women: 'No woman is EVER going to fuck me over again,' he told me as we shared a bottle of vodka. 'I'm going to be the one doing the fucking.
"As with one of Shakespeare’s few great lines: 'The smallest worm will turn being trodden on.'
"Uber-feminism had the same approach from women, but I struggled to think of the same technique from men. Uber-cockism? I winced at the thought but, like a vomit stain acid-etched into a pavement, I was too mesmerised to look away."

[Steve Hussy, Womanoholic]

Now content in a relationship with the caring Saskia, Steve Hussy watches - and records with horror - the actions of his four closest friends and their partners over the next thirteen years.
In every case, the powerful women drive their troubled men to lies, lust, insanity, violence, stupidity, suicide attempts or imprisonment.
Love... is there any solution to the deadliest drug of them all?

Womanoholic is the finale of my (and Al's) five-part Icky series, but can be fully enjoyed as a stand-alone novel.
If you haven't read my work before, try the novel that seems to suit your taste the most. If you like one book, you'll love 'em all.

The trade-paperback MSP release has a beautiful matt cover from Richard Watts. It is limited to 157 copies, and I'll even sign it if you buy from the MSP Shop.
When I become a famous writer (cough) feel free to cash in on eBay.