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ACADEMIC by Steve Hussy
MSP BOOK #038 / 175 PAGES

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"I saw fat girls with piercings, gel-headed geezers, popular gals, morose male goths, sluts, lads, cunts and 'Oasis' or 'Blur' fan-boys.
They were all members of clubs with regulation clothes and hairdos.
A country of popular idiots and outsider idiots, oblivious to themselves. And who could blame them? The world welcomed them with open arms.
In the rain, I had my hood up and I lifted a cider bottle to my mouth.
The other people moved on quickly after seeing that. A nutjob was in their midst, and I was only a little better than any of them."

[Steve Hussy, Academic]

After a lousy love affair and quitting teaching in his mid-twenties, Steve Hussy becomes the founder of Murder Slim Press. He is soon penniless due to be being screwed over by one of his co-editors.
Forced back into teaching, he follows a series of rules to ensure that he keeps his job. Hussy constantly watches and writes about the strange and often repellent hundred-plus teachers and fifty-plus bosses that he is forced to work with.
For Hussy, his students are rarely the downside of the job... The true pitfall is the charmless, corporate face of modern education.

Academic is the first of my five-part Icky series, but can be fully enjoyed as a stand-alone novel.
If you haven't read my work before, try the novel that seems to suit your taste the most. If you like one book, you'll love 'em all.

This trade-paperback MSP release has a beautiful matt cover from Richard Watts. It is limited to 157 copies (you'll find out why during the Icky Pink Quintology), and I'll even sign it if you buy from the MSP Shop.
When I become a famous writer (cough) feel free to cash in on eBay.