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ALCOHOLIC by Steve Hussy
MSP BOOK #041 / 175 PAGES

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"Ally's got a bloke," she paused, then said: "It's Reese."
I vaguely knew him, but I didn't teach him. He looked pristine, ripped from Hollywood's glitterati. I shrugged: "He seems like a nice guy."
"What?" Tara pouted. "Randy Reese with fucking Little Miss Awesome?" I didn't like that. "What's Al ever done to you?"
"Nothing, she's nice, she's..." She started to fume: "She's just too fucking perfect. She doesn't even have to try." Tara's freckled face reddened. "It's just... AAUGH!"
"Steal her away from him." I smiled. "Give her a kiss..."
Tara poked me in the left eye. "You'd fucking love that, wouldn't you?"
I was in searing pain. "And now I get to watch it with one good eye."

[Steve Hussy, Alcoholic]

Told through the eyes of her friend Steve Hussy, Ally North's life seems perfect. She is 18 years old, intelligent, funny and beautiful.
Her fellow student and rival, Tara, christens her "Little Miss Awesome."
But over the next 16 years, Ally experiences drugs, alcohol, crime, mental illness and abusive boyfriends. As Steve and Ally grow closer, echoes of the past resonate in an uncontrollable life played at full tilt.

Alcohlic is the vital mid-point of my (and Al's) five-part Icky series, but can also be fully enjoyed as a stand-alone novel.
If you haven't read my work before, try the novel that seems to suit your taste the most. If you like one book, you'll love 'em all.

The trade-paperback MSP release has a beautiful matt cover by Richard Watts. It is limited to 157 copies, and I'll even sign it if you buy from the MSP Shop.
When I become a famous writer (cough) feel free to cash in on eBay.