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Murder Slim Press Updates: 2019

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As of 2019, Murder Slim Press has been running for fifteen (!) years, and we've still got plenty of life in us.

After a year of relative rest in 2018 - we've still been writing and selling books, just not publishing - MSP is fully back for 2019. We have a bunch of new books, including the final issue of THE SAVAGE KICK.
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--- BANK ROBBER: STORIES FROM THE LIFE is here. You can buy it via the Murder Slim Press Shop or on Amazon anywhere in the world. Here are the UK and US links. Check out further news from December's Bank Robber's Blog on: and read all the greatness he posts every month - and sometimes more often than that...

--- BANK ROBBER: STORIES FROM THE LIFE is coming on December 1st. Over a decade in the making, it contains twelve stories (roughly one per year) about the crimes, conviction and prison life of its author. Jeffrey P. Frye introduces his novel here. Hey, I absolutely love it... and when I am ever wrong?

--- Thus Spake Jeffrey P. Frye. The latest Bank Blogger's story contains sage advice on the nature of friendship. And, as ever, it's intelligent, incisive and insightful. Give it a read here.

--- Five star reviews of u.v.ray's DRUG STORY still keep on-a-coming. There are now 11 on Amazon UK and Amazon USA. Come on, join up with the relentless u.v. train... you will not be disappointed.
--- MSP's next author, Ally North, has shared her favourite books and favourite films. I do with she'd stop (for ten seconds a time) trying to fart in my face... and Jimmy Corrigan is an intentional parp. But anyone who lists a masterpiece like DRUG STORY as a top-ten book has their head firmly and smartly screwed on.
--- Jeffrey P. Frye's new blog: "Labor Day Frog" is online. We both share a deep love of amphibians...

--- The Collected 351-page-long THE SAVAGE KICK: THE EARLY YEARS (ISSUES #1, #2, #3 and #4) is now available on Amazon UK and Amazon Worldwide. I kept the price as low as possible, just to spread the word on the series that ended with SK#10. If you buy it, please review it. You'd be doing us a big favour. Books are dying so the world needs a savage kick on its bumcheek. And if you don't find the majority of the contents (Dan Fante, Doug Stanhope, Jim Goad and more, more, more) eye-opening I'll be fucking surprised...
--- Jeffrey P. Frye's 'All Tangled Up' is his latest free-to-read story. Jeff's criminal footprint in the cesspool of life has left many surprising ripples across the world, including some stuff from my childhood that even I didn't know about...

JULY 2019
--- The five star reviews of DRUG STORY continue to rack up on Amazon UK and Amazon USA. And you lucky American buyers get it even cheaper due to Britain's magical falling pound.
--- u.v.ray's DRUG STORY is here. Early 90s Birmingham through the lurid eyes of Mark Karzozo, set against the background of Thatcherite Britain falling to pieces. Read one page... and you won't be able to put it down after that. Buy - or just explore the book more - here.
--- Jeffrey P. Frye's latest - 'Off The Rez' - deals with transgenderism behind bars.

JUNE 2019
--- Jeffrey P. Frye has been banged up in "The Hole" again, but he used his time profitably by writing about his booze-fuelled experiences in his latest blog... It's called S.H.U. Dog. Read it!

MAY 2019
--- It's Mental Health Week and also Green Ribbon Month. David Noone tackles the subject - from personal experience - as well as giving more insight into SAINT OF THE CITY - in this newly uploaded interview.
--- Ever wondered what happened to the last surviving Somali pirate in the movie "Captain Phillips"? Wonder no more... just read Jeffrey P. Frye's
new Bank Robber's Blog!

APRIL 2019
--- This isn't an April Fool, although Jeff's work is marked by his sharp sense of humour. Here's the latest from The Bank Robber's Blog, where he even manages to make the guards crack up...
--- SK#10 is almost completed, and will be released in June. Just waiting for the interview with Willy Vlautin, the brilliant writer of THE MOTEL LIFE, THE FREE and much more.

MARCH 2019
--- u.v. ray's DRUG STORY is on its way in June. It's u.v.'s latest, greatest - and likely last - novel. The title says it all. I'll post links after we finish proofing the book.
--- The Bank Robber's Blog returns again with Jeffrey P. Frye musing on Officer Bassmaster. The new blog can be read here...

--- Speaking of SK#10, here is the cover. Very happy with this issue, a beautiful mix of crime stories, interviews and confessional fiction.
--- Don't forget, there are NO open submissions to The Savage Kick as #10 will be the last issue.
--- Jeff Frye takes us behind bars and introduces us to Shorty Morgan 2.0 in his latest post on the Bank Robber's Blog. Enjoy it here, for free.

--- Jeffrey P. Frye is back with The Bank Robber's Blog, after a year of lockdowns and strife. Check out his new blog here to say hello to 2019 and buy some last minute gifts for Jeff if you could travel 10 years back in time.
--- We're back! After a year long break to deal with non-book stuff, Murder Slim Press will put out some new books this year. Don't forget, we will ALWAYS fill orders no matter what. We just needed a break from publishing new books... until now!

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