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THE SAVAGE KICK: Submission Guidelines

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The Savage Kick Literary Magazine #10 will be the last issue of SK, so we are not accepting any new submissions.

Apologies if we haven't responded to a recent submission.

In the lead up to SK#10, we've had over 300 stories submitted to MSP. We've accepted four of those for SK's finale.
The market for print books - unfortunately - is dwindling, so we'll be working on turning MSP's forty books into eBooks.
The print versions will ALWAYS be available, but you have to move with the times. Even if it makes you want to puke.

If you have longer form stories, please approach us directly via murderslimpress@gmail.com.
We prefer solicited submissions, and we will contact you if we read and love something you've written.
As ever, we will pay well for books that we print.

Keep writing, keep reading, keep fighting, and keep doing whatever makes you feel good.

Steve Hussy
Murder Slim Press