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DRUG STORY by u.v. ray
MSP BOOK #037 / 207 PAGES

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"there's no such thing as a factory floor hero. there’s just these faceless fuckers hidden away sum where behind corporate logos an government walls tryna run every body’s lives, an if an element of insurrection runs throo your bludstream they'll rip the veins right out your flesh. but one day sum body gonna come along an start a real revolution, sum body who won't fall in line an get under the kosh gonna start puttin silver bullets in the hearts a monsters. but it's sum days that are simple as this: you're walking throo the city a millions in the daytime toked up on amphets an you feel like a god w/all the motherfuckers around you, an you're not lookin for anyone an you don't need no one. that's the real deal, man. that's the purest kind a power there is."
[u.v. ray, Drug Story]

u.v.ray does not write mainstream novels. and now, much like his previous works, there is little here to renew our faith in humanity. in what he says will be his final novel, he remains true to his ethos and refuses to give us literary cotton candy.

In Drug Story the life of 25-year drug addict Mark Costine is laid savagely bare against the background of the early 1990s. His days are filled with both the pits of despair and also a litany of hilarious drug-induced adventures. The only question is whether he will survive it all...