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Reviews of Drug Story

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"Once again u.v.ray delivers a stunning glimpse into his mind and experience. This is inspired by his life, extrapolated out with fictional gravitas. If you lived a life of abuse and excess, you know how bitterly honest this book is, and yet it almost makes you yearn for those moments of depravity and madness again. Throughout the narrative, you are gifted a glimpse into Mark's insights and perspectives--which are refreshingly pragmatic, raw and thought provoking.
"All in all I would say this is a worthwhile glimpse into the 90's drug culture and a rambunctious romp through Mark's mind. Buy the book and read it... you won't be sorry."
--- Adam P. Campbell, Speak of the Devil

"This novel is not a comfortable read. Like Bukowski and Hubert Selby Jr., it's raw, visceral and jerks you out of the BS preoccupations we end up often concerning ourselves with. Intelligent, expressive, and not without humour, albeit of the gallows kind. It's a drug story, does what it says on the tin. Read it."
--- Zah Rasul, Amazon.co.uk

"Just read this, u.v.ray: 'drug story'... u.v.ray speaks brutal truths, and this depiction of the doomed, set in 90's Birmingham could be the story of anywhere in the U.K. at that time. Set against a backdrop of riots and Tory Britain the desolation reeks off the page. If you weren't there, this is what it was really like. Many didn't survive let alone capture it. Not for those who don't like the truth. This is a great book, if you're brave enough to read it."
--- Gil De Ray

"'drug story' is an unforgiving and relentless trip into the mind of u.v.ray - The author fills in most of the blanks of drug addiction and, like true addiction, when there are no more pages to turn, you just want more. You can almost feel the buzz and sweat permeating from the pages. You won't know who to trust. You won't know who to relate with. You won't know why you're grinding your teeth. It's a DRUG STORY."
--- John Thibault, Amazon.com

"This is perhaps one of the greatest pieces of fiction I've had the pleasure of reading in quite some time.
"It's superbly written. Darkly philosophical in its nihilistic hard-edged, no-holds-barred honesty in the harshnesses of life, about a place one is born and placed into heritagely and societally. This book is just a must read.
"Vivid, hilarious, riotously realised in capturing the 90s' drug culture and a personal display of misdemeanours and a real insightful raw tirade, monologue via our lead Mark, revealing truths and stark realities many could easily assume come from a drug addled mind, but comes from an actual real deep thinker and natural talker, walker- free flower, revelling in the freedom of expression, that of which the lead Mark feels is enabled by drugs and the culture thereby he's situated within.
"drug story isn't just a book. It's history and a reflection on a culture, in varying ways still in circulation but not to the almost punk rock coolness as it was back then... A story of the ages, that's relevant and seminal in its capacity to shock and shake us to the core."
--- Angry Today

"Drug Story hits with kinetic energy like a hurricane. A gripping story of drug lifestyle plus insights into uv rayís profound views of present day society. All this with touches of humor throughout. A tumultuous journey one needs to embark on. An experience, not just a read."
--- Rhonda DiBianca

"Reads like a late night confessional in an old smoke filled bar. I enjoyed the pace of the novel and the voice of the principle character. Nihilistic but also tolerant and human. Shame itís his last novel but writing is graft. This book is the life of a grifter. You want to live the low life vicariously? This is a good place to start. Enjoy."
--- Trevor J. Spencer, Amazon.co.uk

"This book reads like 45 year old me on a monday morning, asking 19 year old me what he did over the weekend. The stream of experiences, rants and general misanthropy don't let up throughout, vague memories resurface, people are recognised but then... I remember I was never in Birmingham and this is just a book of a generation."
--- John Doe, Amazon.co.uk