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20th November 2019

I have a new book coming out on the 1st of December (the ultimate lead up to Christmas!) for Murder Slim Press that is called BANK ROBBER: STORIES FROM THE LIFE. This is the same book that I've been talking about writing for the last five years. As it turns out, though, I had actually been writing the book over the last decade. One story and one prison at a time.

STORIES FROM THE LIFE is a compilation of 12 stories from my life, both back here and out there. The stories span a period of roughly thirty years. Some of these include:

GANGLAND: My abstract take of how societies, both licit and illicit, segregate themselves by ethnicity, ideology, and race. I tie together the Twelve Tribes of Israel, Republicans and Democrats, and 50 American street gangs over six different races that are represented here in the feds to show that, no matter who you are or where you live, all the world is a Gangland. It always has been and it always will be; it's just part of the human condition.

A DAY IN THE LIFE: A story about the worst bank robbery that I ever committed (financially) and the nice teller who recognized me from the news and called me by name in the middle of the robbery. This is a story that articulates and shows just how much I sucked as a criminal and a bank robber and why I should've never quit my day job.

NOTHING CHANGES, NOTHING CHANGES: The story of the murder of nine innocent souls in a church in South Carolina by a twisted young racist named Dylan Roof and the political climate that spawned him.

A GANGSTA CHRISTMAS TALE: The story of a special Christmas thirty years ago in the city of my birth, Chicago. It includes violent street gangs, the mob, addiction, baby mama drama, and a nun that comes to me with a personal message from God as I sit amongst several thousand people. The story is kind of a recovering miscreant's version of IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE, where Jimmy Stewart is a gang leader and the zu zu petals is heroin.

That's a thumbnail sketch of just a few of the stories that are in my new book. In staying with the theme, Murder Slim Press has included a photo before each story of one of the federal joints that I've done time in and/or written a story in over the years.

When I began writing for publication back in 2012, my goal was to attempt to accomplish what I considered to be the ultimate in character recycling; an extreme makeover if you will. After having completely thrown my life away a few short years before, and after hurting and alienating the few people who loved me, I wanted to try and use the wreckage of my past to entertain people and to try and contribute something positive to the world as I did twenty years in prison. I feel that, at least on some level, I have done this. Mission accomplished. By writing about myself and the criminal counterculture, I have managed to attain some international literary notoriety in the genre of Grit-Lit. However, writing about myself was (in my mind) always a means to an end that, hopefully, eventually culminated in writing mainstream novels and screenplays.

So, having attained my goal, this book will most likely be my last book using myself as the subject matter. I will continue to post to The Bank Robber's Blog on murderslim.com and also to the blog on my website at bankblogger.weebly.com.

I appreciate all of you out there throughout the United States, Australia, and Europe who have bought my books over the years, and who have sent me letters and shown me love. Thank you. And I am ultimately grateful to Murder Slim Press, and especially to its owner Steve Hussy, for taking a chance on an unpublished and unproven writer, and for buying the first thing I wrote and then giving me a chance. I appreciate the confidence and the trust that MSP bestowed upon me and upon someone in my position (being in prison). Thank you, Steve. You've been and always will be a good friend. I would come to the UK and share a pint with you someday, but unfortunately The Royals won't let ex-felons into your country.

I hope that you will continue to buy my books on murderslim.com and keep clicking onto The Bank Robber's Blog. And I hope that when I am released in three years or so (yes, they're actually gonna turn me loose someday), you will continue to follow my career as I hopefully transition into the mainstream.

Jeffrey P. Frye
Bank Robber's Blog