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SAINT OF THE CITY by David Noone
MSP BOOK #032 / 110 PAGES

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"Any women on the scene lately?"
"You know me, Frank, I'm practically a priest these days."
"A nun you mean? You're full of shite anyway you little bollocks," Frank said. "I've seen you about, you'd charm the knickers off anyone who wore a pair, though doubt you go for that sort you dirty cunt."
"Nah, not my type."
"The ones with the knickers or the ones without?"
I looked at him with a crooked smile and gave him the answer he wanted. "They all end up the same in the end, buddy."

[David Noone, Saint of the City]

Sean Connolly is an Irish lothario with a heart of stone... Or is he? Six months after yet another stay in the madhouse, Seanís nihilistic viewpoints and sexual obsessions are twisting uncontrollably. And now it seems as if the ghost of his suicidal lover Siobhan has returned to push him ever closer to his own destruction...

"A search for truth and beauty among every kind of transgression. It is also, crucially, as funny as fuck."
--- Cathi Unsworth (from the introduction to Saint of the City)