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Murder Slim Review: The Best Ballsy Films Of All Time

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All the writers were limited to their favourite films in the outsider, crime and literary adaptation genres.
A few cerebral horrors crept in, because they feature "outsider" lead characters.
Everyone could also only pick a maximum of two films by the same director.
You almost won't go wrong with any of the films from any list (just ignore Titanic). Click on the links for a review of the movie.

Steve Hussy
The author of Steps and Back.

"I try to watch one new movie a day and taught Film Studies for 20 years.
All of my favourites are about isolated characters... and I've got a thing for black comedy."

1. The Third Man (C. Reed)
2. Once Upon A Time In America (S. Leone)
3. Drive (N.W. Refn)
4. Taxi Driver (M. Scorsese)
5. Night of the Hunter (C. Laughton)
6. The Exorcist (W. Friedkin)
7. The Vanishing (G. Sluzier)
8. Repo Man (A. Cox)
9. Barfly (B. Schroeder)
10. The Seventh Seal (I. Bergman)
11. Psycho (A. Hitchcock)
12. The Army of Shadows (J.P. Melville)
13. Rolling Thunder (J. Flynn)
14. Blast of Silence (A. Baron)
15. They Live (J. Carpenter)
16. Touch of Evil (O. Welles)
17. The Quiet Earth (G. Murphy)
18. In A Lonely Place (N. Ray)
19. The Conversation (F.F. Coppola)
20. Ghost Dog (J. Jarmusch)

Steve Hussy's Favourite Films

David Noone
The author of Saint of the City.

There are the clear influences of German Expressionism and Gothic Horror in David Noone's picks.
Much like 'Saint of the City,' there's a heady dash of film noir too...

1. Double Indemnity (B. Wilder)
2. The Boston Strangler (R. Fleisher)
3. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (R. Weine)
4. Sunset Boulevard (B. Wilder)
5. Shadow of the Vampire (E. Elias Merhige)
6. Nosferatu (F.W. Murnau)
7. The Tenant (R. Polanski)
8. Hour of the Wolf (I. Bergman)
9. Videodrome (D. Cronenberg)
10. Lost Highway (D. Lynch)
11. While The City Sleeps (F. Lang)
12. Ed Wood (T. Burton)
13. The Big Heat (F. Lang)
14. Angel Heart (A. Parker)
15. Repulsion (R. Polanski)
16. Secret Behind The Door (F. Lang)
17. The Night Porter (Lilian Cavani)
18. Spider (D. Cronenberg)
19. Wisconsin Death Trip (James Marsh)
20. Pi (D. Aronofsky)

David Noone's Favourite Films

Ally North
The co-author of Little Miss Awesome.

"I once was a Film Studies' student, and that passion has continued; albeit tempered by painting shit.
I have a filthy sense of humour and I truly appreciate 'badass' films, especially tomboy stuff."

1.Anomalisa (C. Kaufman)
2. Once Were Warriors (L. Tamahori)
3. South Park: The Movie (T. Parker & M. Stone)
4. Howl's Moving Castle (H. Miyazaki)
5. Hypernormalisation (Adam Curtis)
6. The Passion of Joan of Arc (C.T. Dreyer)
7. Sane Man (B. Hicks)
8. The Babadook (J. Grey)
9. Barfly (B. Schroeder)
10. The Toxic Avenger (L. Kaufman)
11. The Fly (D. Cronenberg)
12. Spring Breakers (H. Korine)
13. The Neon Demon (N.W. Refn)
14. Ghosts of the Civil Dead (J. Hillcoat)
15. Dawn of the Dead (G. Romero)
16. Idiocracy (M. Judge)
17. World's Greatest Dad (B. Goldthwait)
18. Leon (L. Besson)
19. Blow Out (B. De Palma)
20. Night of the Comet (T.Eberhardt)

Ally North's Favourite Films

Mark SaFranko
The author of Hating Olivia, Lounge Lizard, God Bless America, Loners, Dirty Work, Sometimes You Just..., The Artistic Life

SaFranko's choices are diverse... but they're linked by a love of the European style of filmmaking, French women and dark psychological thrillers with sexual undertones.

1. Betty Blue (J-J. Beineix)
2. One Deadly Summer (J. Becker)
3. Audition (T. Miike)
4. The Servant (J. Losey)
5. The Vanishing (G. Sluizer)
6. Shadow Of A Doubt (A. Hitchcock)
7. Inside (A. Bustillo, J. Maury)
8. Repulsion (R. Polanski)
9. Scarecrow (J. Schatzberg)
10. Chinatown (R. Polanski)
11. Donít Look Now (N. Roeg)
12. The Talented Mister Ripley (A. Minghella)
13. I Never Sang For My Father (G. Cates)
14. Hear My Song (P. Chelsom)
15. The Postman Always Rings Twice (B. Rafelson)
16. Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (P. Kaufman)
17. Double Indemnity (B. Wilder)
18. Burn! (G. Pontecorvo)
19. Last Tango In Paris (B. Bertolluci)
20. Cruising (W. Friedkin)

Mark SaFranko's Favourite Films

Richard Watts
The artist of numerous Murder Slim Press covers and art.

"Most of the main characters share a non-conformist yet completely rational ethos.
Many fight against a dumbass system and many of them prove their point... even if it means sacrificing their lives."

1. Contact (R. Zemeckis)
2. Powder (V. Salva)
3. Watchmen (Z. Snyder)
4. Glengarry Glen Ross (J. Foley)
5. Snatch (G. Ritchie)
6. The Machinist (B. Anderson)
7. Drive (N.W. Refn)
8. Payback (B. Helgeland)
9. Hot Fuzz (E. Wright)
10. Mothman Prophecies (M. Pellington)
11. Robot And Frank (J. Scheier)
12. Rain Man (B. Levinson)
13. The Shawshank Redemption (F. Darabont)
14. Ong Bak (P. Pinkaew)
15. Fight Club (D. Fincher)
16. Zodiac (D. Fincher)
17. Training Day (A. Fuqua)
18. Office Space (M. Judge)
19. Gladiator (R. Herrington)
20. The Blair Witch Project (Myrick, Sanchez)

Richard Watts' Favourite Films

Jeffrey P. Frye
The author of Bank Robber: Stories From The Life, One Crazy Day and Bank Blogger.

Who woulda thunk it... Jeff Frye's picks focus mostly on crime movies. Or, as he would call it, research!
There are also some sappy and goofy movies, and some great - and strong - female characters.

1. The Inside Man (S. Lee)
2. Eyes Wide Shut (S. Kubrick)
3. The Godfather (F.F. Coppola)
4. The Godfather Pt. 2 (F.F. Coppola)
5. Pulp Fiction (S. Kubrick)
6. Columbiana (O. Megaton)
7. Ocean's 11 (S. Soderburgh)
8. Carlito's Way (B. De Palma)
9. Goodfellas (M. Scorsese)
10. Once Upon A Time In America (S. Leone)
11. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (M. Stuart)
12. Reservoir Dogs (Q. Tarantino)
13. Apocalypse Now (F.F. Coppola)
14. The Wizard of Oz (V. Fleming)
15. Good Will Hunting (G. Van Sant)
16. Point of Impact (B. Misiorowski)
17. The Lords of Discipline (F. Roddam)
18. Gone With The Wind (V. Fleming)
19. Casablanca (M. Curtiz)
20. Titanic (J. Cameron)

Jeffrey P. Frye's Favourite Films

Another 150 Must-Sees Not Mentioned Before

Woody Allen
- Blue Jasmine

Paul Thomas Anderson
- Hard Eight
- There Will Be Blood
- Boogie Nights

John D. Avildsen
- Joe (1970)
- Save The Tiger

Jacques Becker
- Le Trou

Ingmar Bergman
- From The Life Of Marionettes

Luc Besson
- The Big Blue

Robert Bresson
- A Man Escaped

Craig Brewer
- Dolemite Is My Name

Richard Brooks
- In Cold Blood

Marcel Carne
- Le Jour Se Leve
- Le Quai Des Brumes

John Carpenter
- The Thing (1981)
- The Fog (1980)
- Escape From New York
- Halloween (1978)

John Cassevetes
- A Woman Under The Influence

Joen and Ethan Coen
- The Big Lebowski
- The Man Who Wasn't There
- Inside Llewyn Davis

Larry Cohen
- Black Caesar
- God Told Me To

Brian De Palma
- Blow Out

Henri-Georges Clouzot
- The Wages of Fear

David Cronenberg
- The Fly (1986)
- The Brood

Alfonso Cuaron
- Children of Men

Frank Darabont
- The Mist

Jules Dassin
- Brute Force
- Rififi
- The Naked City
- Uptight

Fred Dekker
- Night of the Creeps

Guillermo Del Toro
- Pan's Labyrinth

Brian De Palma
- Scarface (1980)

Edward Dmytryk
- Farewell, My Lovely (1944)

David Fincher
- Seven

Milos Forman
- One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

Georges Franju
- Eyes Without A Face

Samuel Fuller
- Shock Corridor
- The Big Red One

Stuart Gordon
- Edmond
- King of the Ants

David Gordon Green
- Joe (2013)

Edmund Goulding
- Nightmare Alley

Ulu Grosbard and Dustin Hoffman
- Straight Time

James William Guerco
- Electra Glide In Blue

James Gunn
- Super

Bent Hamer
- Factotum

Robert Harmon
- The Hitcher (1986)

Werner Herzog
- Encounters at the End of the World
- Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

Monte Hellman
- Two-Lane Blacktop

Frank Henenlotter
- Brain Damage

Douglas Hickox
- Sitting Target

John Hillcoat
- The Road

Arthur Hiller
- The Hospital

Alfred Hitchcock
- Rear Window
- North by Northwest
- The 39 Steps (1935)
- Strangers On A Train

John Huston
- The Maltese Falcon
- The Treasure of Sierra Madre
- Wise Blood
- Fat City
- Under The Volcano

Kon Ichikawa
- Fires on the Plain
- The Burmese Harp

Jim Jarmusch
- Dead Man
- Down By Law

Bong Joon Ho
- Parasite


Takeshi "Beat" Kitano
- Sonatine
- Hana-Bi

Ted Kotcheff
- First Blood
- Wake In Fright

Akira Kurosawa
- Rashomon
- Yojimbo
- Ikuru

John Landis
- An American Werewolf In London

Fritz Lang
- M
- The Big Heat

Sergio Leone
- The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
- Once Upon A Time In The West

Sidney Lumet
- Dog Day Afternoon
- 12 Angry Men
- The Verdict
- The Offence

David Lynch
- The Elephant Man
- Blue Velvet
- Wild At Heart

David Mamet
- Homicide

Peter Medak
- The Changeling (1980)

Jean-Pierre Melville
- Le Silence De La Mer
- Le Doulos

Jim Mickle
- Stake Land
- Cold In July

John Milius
- Dillinger

George Miller
- Mad Max: Fury Road

F.W. Murnau
- Sunrise

Sam Peckinpah
- Cross Of Iron
- The Wild Bunch
- Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia

Arthur Penn
- Night Moves

Todd Phillips
- Joker

Roman Polanski
- Rosemary's Baby

Bill Plympton
- I Married A Strange Person
- Idiots And Angels

Nicolas Winding Refn
- Only God Forgives
- Pusher
- Pusher 2: With Blood On My Hands
- Pusher 3: I'm The Angel Of Death
- Bronson
- Fear X

Godfrey Reggio
- Powaqqatsi
- Koyaanisqatsi

Michael Richie
- Prime Cut

George A. Romero
- Dawn of The Dead (1978)
- Day of the Dead (1985)

Stuart Rosenberg
- Cool Hand Luke

Benny & Josh Safdie
- Uncut Gems

Richard C. Sarafian
- Vanishing Point

Joseph Sargent
- The Taking of Pelham One Two Three

Paul Schrader
- Blue Collar
- The Hardcore Life (a.k.a. Hardcore)
- Auto Focus

Martin Scorsese
- Mean Streets
- Raging Bull
- Casino

Richard Shepard
- The Matador

Kaneto Shindo
- Onibaba

DamiŠn Szifron
- Wild Tales

Quentin Tarantino
- Django Unchained
- Jackie Brown
- Kill Bill Vol. 1
- Kill Bill Vol. 2

Francois Truffaut
- The 400 Blows

Douglas Trumbull
- Silent Running

Paul Verhoeven
- Robocop
- Total Recall

Thomas Vinterberg
- The Hunt

Peter Watkins
- Punishment Park
- Privilege

Wim Wenders
- Paris, Texas

Billy Wilder
- The Lost Weekend
- The Apartment
- Ace In The Hole

Michael Winner
- The Mechanic

Peter Yates
- The Friends of Eddie Coyle

Terry Zwigoff
- Crumb
- Louie Bluie
- Bad Santa