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Murder Slim Review: A-Z Listings

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A, B

American - The Bill Hicks Story
Ask The Dust

C, D

Charles Bukowski: Four Short Films
Cold In July
Crazy Love
Dead End Drive-In

E, F

Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas
Freezer Burn

G, H

Ghosts of the Civil Dead
Guilty As Charged (Harry Crews)
Hangover Square
Hit Me
Hunger (a.k.a. SULT)

I, J

I Am David
In A Lonely Place
Idiots and Angels
Jimmy Corrigan
Johnny Got His Gun

K, L

Lost Dogs

M, N

Man On Fire
Nightmare Alley
Nine Songs / 9 Songs

O, P

Prince Of The City

Q, R

Quiet Earth
Repo Man
Requiem For A Dream
Rolling Thunder


Shakespeare Never Did This
Straight Time
Survival Is Tough Enough (Harry Crews)
Switchblade Romance


The Captain Is Out To Lunch...
Tales of Ordinary Madness
The Bukowski Tapes
The Lemon
They Live

U, V, W, X, Y, Z

Under The Volcano
Voyage In The Dark
Wait Until Spring, Bandini
West Of Rome
Wisconsin Death Trip