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MSP BOOK #040 / 167 PAGES

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"Just because I'm locked up doesn't mean that I've lost my humanity...or my 1st Amendment right to free speech. I may have happened to rob seven banks and my body may be locked up for 20 years, but my words jump these walls and race out all over the whole world. "So, if you don't appreciate hearing the opinion on these subjects from of a convicted Bank Blogger, stop reading right now. Put down the book, and move away slowly with your hands raised."
[Jeffrey P. Frye, Bank Robber: Stories From The Life]

Jeffrey P. Frye was a successful man fulfilling The American Dream, before a toxic mixture of a sour 'Monkey Nut' wife and an opiate addiction compounded into bank robbery. Seven of those... but never with a gun...just with a note and a suicidal death-wish. This book collects twelve previously unpublished stories, each tackling a year of Frye's life. It begins with the crimes that led to his incarceration, then explores the 'survival of the fittest' mentality over eight prisons where you have to be 'Ford Tough' to survive.

Bank Robber: Stories From The Life is Jeffrey P. Frye's last book on his incarceration. The Bank Robber's Blog will continue, but grab onto the fully inside track of his criminal past, present and, perhaps, future.

The novel-length collection of short stories bind together to tell 12 years from the life. It's limited to 1000 copies and - as a bonus - includes an in-depth interview with Jeffrey P. Frye with questions by u.v.ray.