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Steve Hussy

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Steve Hussy worked in shithole bars for years before training to be a teacher. He taught for a day under 20 years in colleges and universities, predominantly in the East of England. He was primarily a Film and Media Studies teacher, but also taught both English and American Literature.

Hussy's life - and that of his friend Ally North - are recorded in Icky. It is a collection of five interweaving novels called Academic, Narcoleptic, Alcoholic, Schizophrenic and Womanoholic.

Try one of the series. If you love it, get the rest. If you don't, forget I said anything.

In 2005, Hussy formed MSP and The Savage Kick Literary Magazine. It was the launching pad for writers like Mark SaFranko and Tony O'Neill. It also published a number of established writers and artists, including: Dan Fante, Joe R. Lansdale, Jim Goad, Doug Stanhope, Joe Matt, Debbie Drechsler, Steve Rasnic Tem, J.R. Helton, Seymour Shubin, Carson Mell, Willy Vlautin, Ivan Brunetti, u.v. ray, and Robert McGowan.

When not busy teaching, editing or doing design work, Steve Hussy likes to write stories and survive for another 24 hours.

In amongst the booze-driven philosophising, many of his books contain rants and scatalogical gags.

Ah, let's be honest, all of them do.