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ICKY's Reviews

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"In all honesty, I wouldn't praise this as I do if I did not think it was a great piece of writing. There's humour, often dark, characters I cared for, others that made me squirm, and there's wisdom and compassion and the whole thing digs down to what it means to be human and tolerant."
--- Simon Scarrow, author of 'Under The Eagle'

"'Alcoholic' is a voyeuristic expose of mangled characters living out their bare-boned existence in a squalid shadow play of their own making."
--- u.v.ray, author of 'Black Cradle'

"Ally North's 'Schizophrenic' is a confirmation of a culture that refuses to acknowledge its shadow self. Regardless of our gender, ethnicity, social background and sexual identity, we all have blood on our hands."
--- David Noone, author of 'Saint of the City'

"'Schizophrenic' is a terrifying yet compelling account of mental illness."
--- Jeffrey P. Frye, author of 'Bank Blogger'

"'Schizophrenic' is a thoroughly engaging novel. You won't be able to put it down. Steve Hussy [and Ally North] has discovered the key to readability. He is a master of realism.”
--- Mark SaFranko, author of 'Lounge Lizard'

"Excruciating because it is so relatable."
--- u.v.ray, author of 'Drug Story'

"I'm not talking about alcohol or drugs, but something far more addictive... women! Don't assume from this that I dislike or even blame the women I've known. It’s my weakness, I'm all too aware of the fact."
--- Jon Smith, from the introduction to 'Womanoholic'

"I can't remember the last time I read through the night to finish a book. It's an incredibly polished and courageous novel with as sharp an intelligence and integrity as any I have read."
--- Simon Scarrow, author of 'Playing With Death'

"The squeaking springs of filthy beds in decaying rooming-houses. In the hands of Steve Hussy these mundane, everyday sounds become poetry."
--- Tony O'Neill, author of 'Digging The Vein'

"Mr. Hussy has plenty to say about the change [in education], which alone would make this story must reading."
--- Seymour Shubin, author of 'Anyone’s My Name'