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--- DIRTY COPS & THE BIG LIE Pt. 2 ---
15th October 2017

...Obama's audacity wasn't to hope; it was to cheat.

The United States Justice Department at that time was being run by his friend, a woman that he'd appointed. Loretta Lynch. She not only shared Obama's political views, but more importantly, she was willing to do his bidding. Through this she inadvertently also became his potential codefendant. At Obama's behest and direction, Loretta Lynch did several things that were politically advantageous to Hillary Clinton. But what really benefitted candidate Clinton the most was the things that she didn't do. Things like making Hillary accountable for her criminal actions.

At that time, Hillary Clinton was the Democrat's Presidential nominee and the Democrat Part's only hope to retain the White House. She was under investigation for breaking the several laws I've just described, including dissemination of classified material and obstruction of justice. So in an effort to soft-pedal things and present Hillary's situation in a more positive light, Attorney General Lynch instructed FBI Director Comey to no longer publicly refer to the Clinton investigation as an investigation. Henceforth, at least publicly, he was to refer to it as "A matter." This nuance of verbiage went a long way towards subconsciously decriminalizing the public's view of Hillary's conscious criminal conduct. This one seemingly inconsequential action by Obama, Loretta Lynch, and James Comey made the three of them guilty of conspiracy and of using the power of their respective offices to try and sway the Presidential election in Hillary's favor. But they weren't even close to being done. The stakes were too high.

It is common in federal criminal investigations for the one being investigated to be "Interviewed" by at least one agent. These interviews, are also commonly referred to as interrogations, which is why the interviewee sometimes brings along their attorney to the interview. All statements to a federal agent are considered to be "Under oath" and under the penalty of perjury, so a person is required to be honest in their answers. You would think that in an investigation that was as important as Hillary Clinton's was, one that had such potential historic consequences, that Hillary would have been formally interviewed where a stenographer (and several defense attorneys) were present and where there was plenty of accountability. But none of this happened. She was quietly called into FBI headquarters on the 4th of July weekend of 2016 and politely interviewed, silently stealing in and out of the building while nobody noticed.

What nobody knew at the time though (except for President Obama, Attorney General Lynch, Director Comey, Assistant Director McCabe, and most likely Hillary Clinton) was that three weeks prior to this interview, her exoneration had already been written. An exoneration before the examination was complete? Yes. It it had been written by none other than Asst. Director McCabe.

This exoneration and decision to forgo prosecution of Hillary Clinton ensured that she would be indictment free and available to win the election, and take her place in history as the first female President of The United States of America. And she almost pulled it off. But in a strange twist of fate, the same dirty cop who was initially her savior, flipped like Simone Biles, and without consulting his coconspirators, decided to announce a couple of weeks before the election that the FBI had discovered "New" emails and decided to reopen their investigation into Hillary (even though they'd known about the new emails for over a month). In short, Big Jim Comey went off script. But that's the trouble with conspiring with a narcissist. They're subject to double-back on you and wring an extra 15 minutes of fame out of any given situation. What Comey giveth, Comey also taketh away, and he quickly renounced the new investigation to be closed with no threat of prosecution. But it was too late. The damage had been done, at least to hear Hillary tell it. But Obama and Hillary's Big Lie almost worked.

Former Director Comey was later summoned before Congress to testify and account for his actions. In a self-effacing victim-like affect where he used folksy antidotes like "Golly" and "Oh Lordy!" he revealed himself to be a vengeful partisan leaker who did his best to stab his boss in the back. A President that he worked hard to, and broke laws to, ensure his defeat. James Comey's new book plainly states in its title that he subscribes to a "Higher Loyalty", but apparently it's a loyalty that only comports to his sense of justice and one that leaves only him calling the shots. Big Jim is a narcissist in full.

The sad truth is that James Comey is just another bottom-feeder in the Washington Swamp, cruising around like a catfish with his bottom lip out, masking his deceit under the guise of personal and professional integrity. It is people like James Comey that give credence to most American's belief that politicians are corrupt.

Do you know what you call an FBI Director who secretly leaks damaging information to the press against his boss, the President of The United States? Yes, you'd call him a disloyal scumbag, for sure. But at the end of the day, he's just another dirty cop. One who is part of the political problem in America right now, not part of the solution. Just another perfect example of of the type of individual that you don't want your children to grow up and become. He's also a good example that neither education nor pedigree make a person's integrity. Integrity is an inside job.

When James Comey's day of reckoning finally comes and he's convicted, I hope they don't send him to my federal prison. I wouldn't take him as a cell mate. I only cell with crooks that have some integrity and who have the ability to keep things real. Two things that Big Jim has shown a distinct propensity to lack. Donald Trump is an imperfect President, to be sure. He's also made some questionable decisions since he's been in office. One of the best decisions that he's made so far though was to fire James Comey. He owed that to the rank and file of FBI agents throughout the country, and to the honest men and women of law enforcement. What a shame that someone like me has to be the one to point this out.

Jeffrey P. Frye
Bank Robber's Blog