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THE MIGRANT by u.v. ray

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"One day you’ll be buried deep in the dirt and all that hatred you carry deep inside you will be known only to the worms so I ask you what difference does it make?"
[u.v. ray, The Migrant]

Living on the 37th floor of a luxury apartment block in Birmingham, Sean Styne spends his nights drinking and snorting cocaine, reaching out to the world by writing anonymous stories on sheets of paper that he then folds into aeroplanes and launches from his sky-garden for passers-by down below to pick up and read.

In an attempt to alleviate feelings of hopelessness, Styne employs Gloria – a prostitute with a ravenous, self-destructive appetite - for violent sexual encounters. It is a transaction that Styne soon realises cannot save him and is just another leap into the void as he hurtles towards his seemingly inevitable annihilation.

"u.v. ray grabs you by the throat and drags you into more circles of hell than Dante could ever have imagined."
--- Paul D. Brazill (from the introduction to The Migrant)

Here's the release video: