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"I don't take a breath as my eyes dart through the chapters from this modern outsider. UV Ray's novella, The Migrant, wasn't written to make us feel all warm and fuzzy, this is off the scale uncomfortable and from deep in the gut, the best kind of writing always is.
"His poetry and thoughts fly into the night, the search for human connection, he knows his place within the stars and time, believes in nothing, embracing his foibles, his anger and vision of the world. This is great writing, I wasn't expecting to snort it all in a few hours but I did. Unstoppable."
--- Abbie Foxton, AbbieFoxton.com

"It's another razor-sharp slice of poetic urban noir from ray who, once again, unflinchingly shows us the grim and comically absurd lives of people who are hanging onto the frayed edges of British life by broken fingernails. Losers and lowlifes. The dissolute and the dissipated. The fag ends of life.
"The prose is delirious, the characters are grotesque, the philosophy is both nihilistic and romantic. As tender and funny as it is brutal, The Migrantís recurring theme is that of loneliness and alienation."
--- Paul D. Brazill, from the introduction to The Migrant

"u.v. ray's work is always hardknuckle, unsparing, brave and laced with pathos and truth. He's one of the more vivid voices shouting from the sidelines today."
"u.v. ray is one of the best writers of this generation."
"u.v. ray consistently writes dark stories about love, whilst hiding them behind darkness."
"Utterly compelling - sometimes challenging but always holding the reader... Wonderful!"
"u.v.'s prose slices and dices."
"u.v. ray writes with a visceral aggression, yet despite it's intentionally rough notes, it speaks to a universality in us all with glimpses of beauty, bigotry and life."
"u.v. ray is a wonderful author who never pulls a punch in his works."
"u.v. ray is a fantastic author and this book is great. Bigger names on this list, but I guarantee this is the best novella and I'd love to see it win so it can get more readers."
"Original. Well written. Fresh in a stale world (and getter staler after the election)."
"I'm a big fan of u.v. ray and this is a great example of his work."
"I like ray's ragged, dirty style."
"I have read this author's other work and he is a solitary voice in the UK at the moment in his ability to document the lives of the dispossessed drug addicted underclass of which the UK has a growing number!"
"His work is timeless and a break from the normal generic bullshit."
"He is incredibly talented and more than deserves this award."
"Gritty, real, and its genuine prose drove me bonkers with satisfaction."
"Flawless storytelling."
"Extremely original and fascinating book."
"Brilliant one of a kind writer. Real writing one can feel and identify with."
"u.v. ray's work is more accurate and actual than anything else. It's Burroughs, it's Lou Reed, it's u.v. ray."
"This filthy wanker knows how to bloody well write a story!"
"I've read it more than once. I've quoted it. I've written about it in my journal. It's better than anything on this list, not by far but farthest."
"Amazing author. A true glimpse to facets of life that not all are familiar with but should be."
"I love it when an underdog who actually has talent wins."
"u.v. ray writes with a visceral aggression, yet despite its intentionally rough notes, it speaks to a universality in us all with glimpses of beauty, bigotry and life."
--- Quotes from the 2015 Saboteur Awards in praise of The Migrant