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THE SAVAGE KICK #3 Introduction

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Yes, we're back... After one broken printing facility, three lost friends and one lost editor... here we are again. The Savage Kick #3.

What ties everything in this issue to The Savage Kick ethos? One word: SURVIVAL.

We have a Mark SaFranko's everyman crushing a guitar against the head of an egomaniacal popstar... Steve Hussy's teacher raging against a liberalised system... Joe Matt’s inabilty to survive his emotional urges without revealing the truth about them... Frank Baron's compulsion to expose the gory details of married life even though it might tear his family apart... And, lastly, we have Jim Goad spouting venom from a jailcell - carefully researched truth and bitter experience poured onto a page.

Writers and characters who realise that the truth will destroy them... yet they refuse to stop spouting it.


Insanity? Conviction? Arrogance? Guts?

It boils down to the same thing... the ability to fight and survive long enough to write it all down... knowing that alone counts for something.

And, as always, we're proud to print every word.

Murder Slim Press