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THE SAVAGE KICK #2 Introduction

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It’s not easy to define the stories we love at The Savage Kick.

There are various terms we apply... ballsy, eye-opening, honest... but nothing covers it all. We’ve read stories about shit-eaters that haven’t done it for us. We’ve had tales of drunken fucks with scabies-infested women and still no dice. And we’ve had submissions about looking at your reflection and hating it... and, nope, sorry, still not quite right.

For us, stories need fun and guts. We want so much content that the reader can’t stop turning the pages, and we also want them to admire that the author is laying down a lot of their soul. It needs that special combination... That’s what makes a story great. Can that be faked? We don’t think so. What triggers it? Who knows. Enough painful shit? Dumb luck finding something great? A passionate friend? For each decent person there’s a different story.

In Savage Kick #2 we’ve picked out the authors that do it for us. They have their own story to tell. And you good folks who’ve bought this book... maybe you have your own story too. Whatever it is, we’re glad you’re here.

Welcome to our second dose of honesty, misery and joy.

Murder Slim Press