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"There are moments when I feel so . . . penetrated by everything I behold around me. Penetrated . . .
"Some of us, I believe, are born to be observers, alert to detail typically overlooked. Beauty, I want to affirm here, is free. Beauty, truth, love. All of these are free, if you can find them."

[Robert McGowan, from A Long and Indeterminate Perambulation]

Robert McGowan's A Long and Indeterminate Perambulation is not a conventional piece of storytelling. Told from the viewpoint of a 75-year-old "philosopher artist," this novella is driven far more by character and idea than by narrative. This book presents her diary entries following a more or less daily walk around her neighborhood. These entries provide consistently insightful views on the deepest of subjects. . . Life, war, death and art.

Poignant, thought-provoking and not infrequently controversial, A Long and Indeterminate Perambulation is always stirring.