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"I was deeply moved by Robert McGowan’s A Long and Indeterminate Perambulation. It is a brilliant meditation on life and death, on the essence of our shared humanity and on our shared fate. Elegantly written and utterly original, this book will surely endure."
--- Robert Olen Butler, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain

"This novella is heartfelt and utterly beautiful, yet grounded in strength, integrity, and conviction. Robert McGowan takes his readers for walks in the neighborhood, and along the way talks about art and writing, religion and philosophy, life, death, and dying. Wise remarks about everything important in this world. Wisdom cast as fiction. McGowan at his very best."
--- Christine Cote, Founder, Shanti Arts; Editor and Publisher, Still Point Arts Quarterly and Stone Voices

"It is rare to find such an original and moving piece of work as is Robert McGowan's A Long and Indeterminate Perambulation. Artists and non-artists alike will find great pleasure in McGowan's unique way of taking the reader into the mind of his deeply developed character. The book provides touching and thoughtful commentary on the human experience of life, death, and everything in between."
--- Thomas R. Greer, Amazon.com

"As I was reading, I marked passages to revisit--which became most of the book--his observations, phrasing, philosophizing--from 2-word paragraphs to intellectualized, long sentences--psyche personified. I found comforting identification with the subject matter and reveled in its expression. I appreciate this gift of artistic expression of ordinary moments--the most permanent things (moments) I know."
--- Crescent Critic

"For anyone, but most especially an artist, this short book is both painfully relatable and strangely inspirational. I was brought to tears several times during this short read; not so much out of sadness, but out of an understanding that so many choose to deny. A lot of great thoughts compressed into a very small book. Highly recommended."
--- Merida

"Want an intimate glimpse into the creative mind of the artist? Read this story. It does double duty by revealing the mind of a literary and a visual artist; in this instance they are one and the same. That individual, a writer, painter, photographer, philosopher...the list goes on...is revealed in this beautifully told tale. The distinctive language is uncommonly clear and devoid of pretense. The mind of the philospher-artist is exposed in such a fashion as to evoke an "Aha!" moment, an epiphany if you will. So, that's how an artist thinks. Mr. McGowan's wide-ranging ideas, now revealed in several books, opens up worlds we have wondered about. Now we can begin to understand them."
--- Mack L. Graham, Amazon.com

"I liked this book a lot it was very profound, 'spiritual' in its ruminating on life art and creativity. Very wise and deep read. I would suggest all to read it especially artists and creative people."
--- Damion Hamilton, Amazon.co.uk