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WHY ME's Reviews

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"Why Me? is a great gift because it is truly intuitive. I am reminded of the best short work of William Carlos Williams. Shubin is condensing his stories with his poems. Their simplicity is deceiving. The man has written so many books that he knows how to tell a story and he seems to already know short verse like he's been here all along. Bravo."
--- David Michael Jackson, Artvilla

"The problem is that poetry has always been tied to an odd 'artistic' cache. The poet hides behind allusions, metaphors and whatever other literary games they can find. A simple message is hidden behind artfulness. Too often the poet writes to impress, or confuse, or shock, rather than to simply communicate. Poets write to themselves, and sink into self-gratification and self-pity.
"The title Why Me? may indicate this collection is born out of similar regret. But while the poems are shot through with moments of sadness and loss, Why Me? refers much more to the wonder at having made it this far and been so happy for much of the way. "Why Me? communicates complex ideas with simplicity, honesty and skill. And, as a result, it's yet another form of writing that Seymour Shubin has mastered. What the hell will he do next?"
--- Steve Hussy, from the introduction to Why Me?

"A poem...begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness.... It finds the thought and the thought finds the words,' Robert Frost wrote nearly a century ago. The words are as true today as they were then, and they are a particularly apt description of the forty gems in Seymour Shubin's eloquent and moving poetry collection, Why Me?. This is the first time that Shubin, best-selling author of crime fiction, has turned his hand and his heart to poetry, and it is as close as he has ever come to autobiography. Every poem opens a window on a thought, a longing, an incident that though unique to the poet also shines a light on the life of the reader and awakens the warmth of recognition in his or her heart. From the poignant Wait Your Turn that opens the collection to the heart-rending Joel that ends it, the book is a journey of discovery for its author and of rediscovery for his readers. 'Why Me?' Shubin asks, wondering why he is still here when so many other loved ones have gone before him. But every reader of this book comes away with the answer: 'It's because we need the insight and wisdom you give us in this beautiful book, Seymour Shubin - and we long for more.'"
--- Barbara Brett, author of Between Two Eternities

"Why Me? is a book of poems published by Murder Slim Press. By their own admission, 'This is the first - and probably the last - poetry collection we'll publish at Murder Slim Press.' Actually I adore their name and think it's the perfect name for modern poetry but I also admire their business sense. They published it because it was so damn good. Now ain't that a hoot!
"Its simplicity, honesty, and straightforward storytelling that count in a poem. The poems in Why Me are autobiographical, personal, and give us a glimpse inside Seymour Shubin. I read it in one sitting and now seem to pick it up and open it at a random place, 'Oh I remember that one.'
"Bravo Mr Shubin Bravo. You captured me again. More!"
--- David Michael Jackson, Artvilla