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WE ARE GLASS's Reviews

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"u.v. ray is by turns passionate, angered, insightful and rebellious... Great writing removes the lid from the rotting can, it challenges the false and empty symbol. u.v. ray does that with aplomb."
"You are about to read a man of letters in the truest sense of the word. The things you thought were true may never have been so. The establishment has been buried for years. Writing exists at the edge of the world as we know it. u.v. ray's voice is undeniable, and a gratifying antidote to the tastelessness that masquerades as Art."
--- Richard Godwin, from the introduction to We Are Glass

"We Are Glass brought me to tears. U.V. Ray writes for the soul. He doesn't empower, invigorate, or inspire. And despite the sometimes debilitating content of his rich, blunt prose, he is successful in avoiding the trap of needless melodrama. I have read all of his works I've been able to get my hands on, and the biggest compliment I can offer is that I never felt patronized. Never felt like I was being pitched to, sold a product, with each line manufactured to capture my attention and keep me reading; the most common advice given to the novice would-be author. Frankly, I don't think U.V. gives a fuck if you are with him or not."
"The biggest problem with the work of U.V. Ray is that after immersing myself in it several times, everything else seems like pandering, mechanical drivel. And despite the truly heartbreaking content of this compilation, that is the most depressing element of We Are Glass; not the work itself, but that it is such a rare explosion of writing mastery and genuinely unique and witty prose that it is difficult to comprehend anything comparable."
--- Joel Peterson, The Cultured Thug

"Buy this immediately. Tosses Meursault from The Outsider into a prism which releases not seven but seventeen unique, pure colors of light, each a neon glare in some dark niche, sending mice and roaches scurrying for cover. In these stories, nobody cares. Nobody cares at all. If hope is a meal you can't keep down nowadays, eat this."
--- Ronald Petrocco, Amazon.com

"These short, sharp shocks of alienation & windows into meaningless lives devoid of hope don't fail to impress. A compulsive read from the first page to the last, I would recommend We Are Glass to anyone who likes a bleak experience from literature. Dirty streets, tower blocks against grey skies & the city at night serve as a backdrop to people on the edge. Buy, Buy."
--- Charles Colley, Amazon.co.uk

"As soon as We Are Glass went on sale I was annoyed that it wasn't 'my' book of short stories. I had already read a few excerpts and had the feeling that it was the kind of stuff I love. U.V. Ray's new book about sex, drugs, alcohol, perverts, prostitutes and violence in modern England in the so called 'new millennium' will shock a lot of readers - his careful use of profanity works so well, it's there, but it's not overdone. Most of us folk lower down society's ladder know that it exists - it's our language, the spoken word that surrounds us (these stories are about us). But the raw subject matter and profanity shouldn't put you off because We Are Glass is a beautifully written book. As with his poems, hidden in amongst the gritty writing of U.V. Ray there hides moments of love, loneliness and tenderness in the pubs, clubs and gutters of England. Should you read this book? I don't know, but if you don't you're missing out on one of the most talented underground writers - possibly one of the best in my generation."
--- Dicky Carter, Amazon.co.uk

"A book of fiction that's laced with poetic love and poetic bitterness fighting in the gutter come closing time but ultimately rises from the whiskey glass and the mundane of everyday to want to blow a gunshot into the fuckface of indifference. All in the name of love. Reading We Are Glass might make you think that this is a writer imploding. Nothing could be further from the truth."
--- Joe England, JoeEnglandBooks.blogspot.co.uk

"I have been a fan of UV Ray's for a while now. I have spoken with him about his poetry, and anxiously awaited this new collection. When I received it in the mail, knowing it was a collection of short stories, I read the first, excitedly. I couldn't read the second for some time. You see, when I read a book, I like to consume it like a meal. One bite at a time, savoring the flavor, texture and finish. I like to take my time, examine why the characters do what they do, say what they say and think what they think. UV Ray provides a feast for readers like me. I was forced to slow down to a snail's pace to truly enjoy this collection. I found a series of windows, each allowing me to view a moment in time for each character. I got to know the banal, sexual, depraved and depressed. I enjoyed watching every one of them, through their self-involved, self-actualized thoughts, all the while wanting more, only to have the window slammed shut, my brief time with them over. This may prove to be frustrating, but exhilarating as well. If you want creativity, if you want a glimpse into the recesses of life we often pass by revealed to you with courage, and perhaps a little too much reality, UV Ray's We Are Glass is a must have. Buy it, consume it, and ask for seconds. I did."
--- Adam Campbell, Amazon.com

"To see the world as it is and be able to write about the pieces of it that are unpleasant - down right unpleasant - is not easy to do. It takes honesty, sensitivity, and a grit and a right-on straight focus of knowing reality for what it is. It takes a real strong grip on reality to know the world is beautiful and precious, but also that the world and life is a cold hearted bitch, ready to tear your heart out and leave your soul to bleed. "If you want a wake-up call and see the world - all of it, not just the pretty side - read We Are Glass by u.v.ray. [He] writes with fire and heart!"
--- Josette Collins, Amazon.com