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Richard Watts' Biography

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Richard Watts has been with Murder Slim Press from its inception. Watts' artwork featured on the cover of MSP #001's Hating Olivia and on both the cover and interior pages of MSP #002's The Savage Kick #1.

He has continued to work for MSP, contributing to numerous issues of The Savage Kick as well as all the covers for Mark SaFranko's MSP releases. His cover for Seymour Shubin's The Hunch was nominated for a Spinetingler Award... and his work on Lonely No More should have been too.

Watts drew furiously throughout his childhood and went on to study animation and illustration at university. Alongside his current job as a graphic designer, Watts also created four panel cartoons on the successful Conversations I Really Had series. These are available in book form via the Murder Slim Shop and Lulu.

Watts really hit his stride when he began Vegan Sidekick in April 2013. Vegan Sidekick seemed like a good way to explore animal rights, since nobody could complain that he'd forced ideologies upon the viewer. Even the most ardent meat-eater could just scroll past a post or block his page.

Vegan Sidekick has grown at a huge rate on both Facebook and Instagram, and Watts appears at Vegan fayres and festivals. His work is not intended to insult or demonize anyone, or make it appear that all vegans are superior to everyone else. The point of the page is to expose the absurdity of supporting animal abuse in a new - and often funny - way.

He is frequently contacted by people who tell him they have dropped animal products because of his page. And, speaking as the editor of MSP, Richard Watts is a thoroughly great guy... and a great artist too. Bravo, Mr. W!