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SPIRAL OUT by u.v. ray
MSP BOOK #022 / 108 PAGES

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"No one loves anyone else just for who they are. In the end we simply choose to acquaint ourselves with people who make us feel better in some way, someone who fills a void within us. We are all trapped within the shell of ourselves. That's how it is, and I don't care if anyone else disagrees with me because that simply indicates that they are wrong and I am right. It's all about voids. Voids in the universe. Voids within ourselves."
[u.v. ray, Spiral Out]

u.v. ray's blistering semi-autobiographical novella explores the twisted world of Mark Karzoso. Karzoso has spent his life distancing himself from humanity. Drugs, booze, cynicism and venom guide his world view. He's become unashamedly selfish, misogynistic and hostile. But can anyone's ego survive the wrong woman and a savage killing?

Fresh from the success of We Are Glass, once again u.v. ray shocks, entertains and provokes thought in equal measures. As Paul D. Brazill (Drunk on the Moon) states: "u.v.ray is an uncompromising writer who glares at the world with bloodshot eyes." Just make sure to grab your copy soon, Spiral Out is limited to just 200 copies... once they're gone, that's it.