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THE HUNCH's Reviews

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"In the typical crime noir universe, killers are crazies and down and out losers, fringe players who know they're doomed... Not so with Seymour. His killers are us. Seriously, they're people who could be our best friends, co-workers, even our spouses, maybe even ourselves... These are people with something to live for and who have so much to lose. And of course, it doesn't hurt that Seymour fills his books with genuine emotion and small human touches... as well as keen psychological insights.
"The Hunch is... gripping, haunting [because] the anguish and trauma that this couple go through are genuine and heartfelt. The husband feels betrayed by his wife, as well as feeling hatred and repulsion, but is also terrified for her... As the noose tightens, the journey this couple goes through is devastating... Like Seymour's other books, The Hunch is a book which will haunt you."
--- Dave Zeltersmann, from the introduction to The Hunch

"Seymour Shubin's The Hunch reveals a novelist in full control and obviously accomplished within the genre that he writes. This is not to suggest that The Hunch is formulaic or predictable; no, what I'm saying is that Shubin executes his craft with precision and verve. The novel is also an entertaining and gratifying literary work... While Shubin's crime novel has elements of suspense and intrigue and is centred on a murder, there are layers to the story that make it sophisticated and accessible. The Hunch is also a love story and it reveals a lot about friendships, egos, aspirations (fulfilled and otherwise) and the loneliness often at the core of our cluttered yet dislocated 21st century lives.
"The suspense never abates, down to the novel's very last line... [and] this is another winner from Britain's bold Murder Slim Press, proving again that it is an astute publisher with a keen eye for works that mingle blood, guts, art and entertainment"
--- Matthew Firth, Front and Centre

"Shubin works some storytelling magic and kept me flipping the pages at a fast pace to find out what was going to happen. I'm not sure how he did it, but The Hunch is a fine novel and one of the best books I've read so far this year. I'll definitely be reading more of Seymour Shubin's work."
--- James Reasoner, Rough Edges

"Seymour Shubin is a great crime author... [and] the novel is a delight to read. I plowed through its first half in an hour sitting poolside, and the second jog went just as fast."
--- Rod Lott, Bookgasm

"Last night I sat down with The Hunch and read it cover to cover. It's great stuff. Excellent, warm, fast writing. Shubin infuses a great touch of humanity in his characters... [He] has done a masterful job of rendering the guilt and fear that build out of an unintentional crime and being hunted by the law."
--- James Bacon, Fisher of Men

"This unique, excellent crime thriller has a Kafka-'Twilight Zone' feel to the intense character driven storyline as readers know from the start who committed the murder and allegedly why, but wonder like her spouse questions: is Cindy a clever Lady Macbeth? Fans who enjoy a refreshing psychological drama will wonder whether Cindy and Jon can wash their respective hands of the blood of Tony."
--- Harriet Klausner, Book Crossing