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"As I've become older, it has been increasingly rare that a mystery novel holds my attention beyond a chapter or two. Usually I give up and try something different. Often when goaded, with the promise that the "good stuff" is yet to come, I push on, sometimes happy that I did, more often disappointed. THE CAPTAIN is not one of those books. When Seymour Shubin's THE CAPTAIN arrived, ill-timed though it was amid the confusion of tax preparations, once I started reading I honestly could not put it down. As a mystery writer of sorts myself, I'm impressed, perhaps amazed, at Seymour Shubin's mastery of shifting points of view."
--- E.J. McGill, Amazon.com

"A towering novel that builds to a heart-clutching peak and leaves one profoundly affected."
--- Publisher's Weekly

"THE CAPTAIN is a reprinting of a classic who-done-it that centers on elder care, a very pertinent issue for baby boomers. The story line is crisp and exciting as THE CAPTAIN takes things into his own hands to revenge abuse and neglect even as no one suspects he is capable of being the killer. Seymour Shubin's story still sends shock waves up and down the reader's spine as it retains, perhaps even more so, its freshness."
--- Harriet Klausner, Amazon.com

"I rarely encounter characters that I can identify with so completely. And this is why this book is so powerful and emotional
--- Richard Mann, Rambling Mann