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"Despite his intellect and having a legendary following in France, he is above all a modest man with a keen sense of dark humour, always reflected in his writings and conversation. The Artistic Life follows once again the journeys, tribulations and encounters of Max Zajack, the struggling writer from Hating Olivia...
"For those loyal followers of Mark’s writings, you will not be disappointed by The Artistic Life. To those new fans, you are in for an unforgettable journey. Contemporary yet timeless, it is as powerful as anything he has written in the past, and equally poignant and hilarious."
--- Sam Millar, from the introduction to The Artistic Life

"Often compared to Charles Bukowski, [SaFranko's] prose, sharp and precise as surgical tools, strays closer to James M. Cain. It's a world in which corruption is endemic not to society but to the human organism itself. No redemption is possible. The universe damaged goods. We do the best we can, and fail: 'Some days you win. Most you lose.'"
--- Christopher Brownsword, Word Riot

"SaFranko tells it like it is. This is underground/confessional literature at it's best. Right up there with Bukowski, the two Fantes and J.R. Helton -- with a dash of gritty/colorful/cultural New York'ernism added to the mix. Charles Bukowski said "Don't try". SaFranko doesn't try... he's a bloody natural."
--- Rasmus Drews, Amazon.co.uk