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THE ANGEL's Reviews

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"I haven't read a book in a long time that has hit me so hard -- a book so fierce, so poetic, so wise, so heartbreaking."
--- Howard Zinn

"Tommy Trantino has given us the works - from A to TZZIT. He has put it all in one book replete with maniacal illustrations as a handbook to Eternity."
--- Henry Miller

"I hear Trantino calling to the soul of the world, in his own language, by his own hand. Who can change the world? Just one person in one prison cell... a caller of the Great Call."
--- Allen Ginsberg

"Tommy is a product of his times. He is an embodiment of the revolutionary and artistic zeal of the 60ís (even though he spent most of that decade on death row). He is an artist to be measured alongside the big hitters of that decade.
"If you like your writing uncut, uncensored, and borne of REAL HUMAN EXPERIENCE, then look no further. You may even, like I did, feel that you have discovered the Holy Grail."
--- Tony O'Neill, from the introduction to "The Angel"