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Steve Hussy's Spoken Word

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Mixes By Gil De Ray (Blood Inc)

The peerless Gil De Ray came up with the idea of recording MSP writers' voices and stories and then mixing them with music he selected.
This will be a continuing mission so keep an eye on our Facebook for new mixes which I'll then add to this page.

I provide the voice on my own work and the tracks when the writer wasn't available (i.e. in prison or incapacitated).
The brains is Mr De Ray though... a seriously talented guy.

VOICES by Steve Hussy (Take Two)

I wrote a new story for my own spoken word. When you read something by a writer, their real life voice is often a surprise. I found it initially alarming with Bukowski ,and then I got into it. Here's VOICES, which will explain more....

Download VOICES by Steve Hussy and Gil De Ray

DOING TIME by Jeffrey P. Frye

This is Jeffrey P. Frye's heartrending poem about being behind bars. Jeff is more known for his comedy but he has a huge heart beating inside. I read this using my best Tom Waits accent. And then Gil De Ray made everything better.

Download DOING TIME by Jeffrey P. Frye, Steve Hussy and Gil De Ray

SPIRAL OUT by u.v. ray

u.v.'s own voice is on this extended piece of spoken word. His voice carries the same melacholy and gravitas as his written work. Great mix too.

BloodInc presents an excerpt from "Spiral Out" by U.V Ray by W.A.R on Mixcloud

VOICES by Steve Hussy (Take One)

This is the first take of the VOICES spoken word, with slightly more upbeat music.
Don't worry, I still sound very sexy on it.

Download VOICES by Steve Hussy and Gil De Ray