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BACK by Steve Hussy
MSP BOOK #027 / 64 PAGES

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"I had learnt that teachers are almost exclusively smug, phony left-wing, backstabbing, pseudo-intellectual, frequently stupid, hypocritical cunts. But I better explain all that.
"And why you need to run, fucking run, from them."

[Steve Hussy, Back]

After quitting teaching in his late twenties, Steve Hussy became an editor of Murder Slim Press. He then became penniless due to be being screwed over by one of his co-editors. Forced back into teaching, he follows a series of rules to ensure that he keeps his job... whilst constantly watching and writing about the strange and often repellent hundred-plus teachers that he works with.

For Hussy, his students are rarely the downside of the job... The true pitfall is the charmless, corporate face of modern education.

The chapbook is limited to 100 copies, so grab it while you can.

Here's the release video: