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Murder Slim Press Updates: 2023

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Well, it's later in 2023, and I'm still here. Sorry for the slow updates - it's something I'll be working on over the next week or so to get everything fully up to date.
There have been plenty of new releases and works in progress from MSP's writers. We never quit, despite long odds.
Thanks to my friends who kept sending out MSP's books while I was hospitalised. We never missed an order, and we never will.

--- Nice to see that THE SAVAGE KICK #10 is selling well on Amazon. Don't forget all of THE SAVAGE KICK issues have limited runs, so grab 'em all when you get the chance.
--- Along with A CIGARETTE BURN IN THE SUN (on Yellow King Press), u.v.ray has a bunch of Murder Slim Press books you need to also soak into your synapses. DRUG STORY is rightly one of my and Ally's favourite books, but get hold of any u.v.ray book knowing it will be the best and most realistic drug-related stuff out there.

--- u.v. ray's brilliant novella A CIGARETTE BURN IN THE SUN is out now! I urge you to buy it as a beautiful, but jet black, expose of underground life in 1980s' Birmingham. You can buy it on both Amazon in the UK and Amazon Worldwide. I've read it so I know it's right up there with u.v.'s Murder Slim Press epic DRUG STORY.

--- Ah well, it's time to think about the best Christmas presents for friends, family and - perhaps - enemies. So I'm opening up some debates on the Murder Slim Press Facebook page.
In it, you'll get to list your favourite authors, books, music, movies and TV. Share the results with your FB followers and do what I'm gonna do... buy/rent the ones that get a bunch of votes from people who have the same ideas as you do.
Just don't vote for Rowling of Tolkein to wind me up. Stay true to being out there... be proud and respectful of fellow outsiders' viewpoints.

--- I've been signed to a "mainstream" (albeit edgy) publisher but, don't worry, all of the MSP books that are still in print (around 30 by last count) will always be available through MurderSlim.com.
I particularly urge you to buy the pink covered ICKY books. They'll be worth extra on eBay and Amazon as first editions while the other versions become available.
Have a look at our available MSP books on this webpage.

--- August 16th will always be Bukday in deference to Charles Bukowski's birthday. Enjoy the day with this rarely seen BBC Bookmark documentary about Buk.

JULY 2023
--- Talk about teaching an old dog new tricks! Jeffrey P. Frye is branching out even further in the literary and taking commissions for writing children's literature about animals. Here's the first of them and it make an ideal gift for the kiddie/s in your lives.
--- In contrast, your friendly neighbourhood editor and writer Steve Hussy is stickly resolutely to what he knows best - very realistic novels with a pitch black sense of humour and insight into the worlds of outsiders. All of them are available on Amazon and review them if you get chance. It all helps. They're called Narcoleptic, Academic, Alcoholic, Schizophrenic and Womanoholic. They're ideal gifts for the sociopathic guy/gal in your and your friends' lives.

JUNE 2023
--- Jeffrey P. Frye is flourishing after his release from jail. He's moving away from stories about prison and his own crimes, and concentrating on a series of fiction crime yarns called THE LIFE OF RILEY. It's getting stellar reviews and you can buy it here on Amazon.

MAY 2023
--- u.v.ray has a new book out entitled GENERATION ZERO. It's an extended short story/novella and it's a great read. I would have published it myself if not or all of the hospital stuff. Laughing Ronin Press ended up putting it out there and they've done a fantastic job. BUY IT NOW while stocks last. It's bleak, darkly humorous and expertly written in u.v.'s distictive voice.

APRIL 2023
--- Breaking news... one more book left for me and coming onto the page swiftly. It's now called LUNATIC not NECROTIC... and I'll filter out the all-too bitter - and sometimes very morbidly funny - truths for the novel.

MARCH 2023
--- I joked with Cheri (who is in most of my Icky books) that the best way for me to get more material for my books would be stuff in jail.
I got close. I was hospitalised due to illness and then caught Covid, which turned a short stay into a very long one. I received both good and bad treatment, but all of it provided material for my final book. The working title is NECROTIC but I don't intend on dying anytime soon now that I'm free again.

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