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Murder Slim Press Updates: 2020

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It's 2020, so get your perfect peepers in shape and read something! We're continuing to put out new stuff in print, and trying to prove that Kindle hasn't killed holding beautiful books in your hand.

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MARCH 2020
--- Jeff Frye gives up the "fat and skinny" of life without hygiene and toilets during lockdown. It's not for the weak of stomach but, hey, you read Murder Slim Press. You'll be fine. Read "Lords of the Rings" here.

--- Great review of BANK ROBBER STORIES by Wayne T. Dowdy. Wayne is a (now released) prison writer himself, and some of his time was spent in the same penitentiary as Jeffrey P. Frye. Wayne was also in SAVAGE KICK #8 and #9, so make sure to check out some of his own writing on his blog Straight From The Pen.

--- Jeffrey P. Frye continues 2020's The Bank Robber's Blog with "Retooling The Pickle." It's less sexy than it sounds, but it's a great read. Check out his new blog here and don't forget to get your hands on BANK ROBBER: STORIES FROM THE LIFE. It's a limited edition, so when they're sold out they'll disappear forever...
--- New Year, new Bank Robber's Blog as Jeffrey P. Frye goes through his 2020's Resolutions. Some cool - and interesting - choices...

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