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"Shubin is nothing if not damned entertaining... But as you're swept into the momentum of any given tale, it's likewise easy to overlook all of his other considerable strengths: he's incredibly perceptive, touching, funny, compassionate and versatile, among a whole host of other qualities."
--- Mark SaFranko, from the introduction to Lonely No More

"In Lonely No More, best-selling crime novelist Seymour Shubin turns his hand and his genius for piercing to the depths of the human soul to the short story. In each of the sixteen tales in this excellent collection the reader is witness to a different and often chilling slice of life. Sometimes Shubin warms our hearts, sometimes he makes us smile, more often he makes us shudder-but always he makes us see a little bit of ourselves in the longings and struggles of his characters. 'The short story is an imploding universe,' author Colum McCann tells us. 'It has all the boil of energy inside it. A novel has shrapnel going all over the place. You can have a mistake in a novel. A short story has to be perfect.' He might well have been describing the stories we are treated to in Lonely No More."
--- Barbara Brett, author of Between Two Eternities

"Shubin understands that the recipe for good fiction is set in stone: (1) grab reader by the throat; (2) squeeze till limp."
--- Philadelphia Inquirer

"Shubin is simply an excellent writer, and somehow every single time he creates a novel that leaves me thinking about it for days afterward, wondering 'How, exactly, does he DO that?'"
--- Dianne Day, author of Obsidian