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"'Black Cradle' reads like it's been written by a prisoner who canít remember his crime, resigned to live out his sentence without anyone to hear his appeal. Billy Zero is that prisoner. The prison? Well, that prison is the self my friend and itís one for which only the truly brave and the most stubborn of survivors are willing to contemplate."
--- David Noone, from the introduction to Black Cradle

"'Black Cradle' may not have a typical plot, but it has plenty of story. And a finely told tale it is too. The characterisation is laid heavy on every page, and these are characters you want to know more about. Not because they're sympathetic in the traditional sense, but because they earn your empathy."
"'Black Cradle' is a raucous, rowdy read. There's very little to compare it to -- Ray doesn't even stick to standard punctuation -- so don't expect to have seen any of this before. Do expect to be shocked, confused, thrilled and more than a little invigorated."
--- Tony Black, Pulp Pusher

"'If you stumbled upon this book when you were looking for sun tan lotion please leave immediately. This is a book is for the pasty white and pale, the lost souls rolling out of bed in the evening, the reader ready for a trip to the underbelly.
"'Black Cradle' is highly recommended for the discerning reader longing for the literary equivalent of a roundhouse kick to the temple. It's an infectious read by an original talent that many more people should know."
--- Justin Norton, Amazon.com

"Not many who have been through days and nights such as told in 'Black Cradle' would survive. But u.v. ray lives. And he writes a powerful glimpse into a frenzied world. 'Black Cradle' slams you in the gut and keeps at it. Read it. Feel it. Definitely a story to be read more than once."
--- Rhonda Dibianca, Amazon.com

"Love u.v. ray's writing... Best book I've read this year."
--- Giles, Amazon.com