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SEYMOUR SHUBIN's Other Writing

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Why Me? (2013) --- Lonely No More (2012) --- The Hunch (2009) --- Witness To Myself (2006) --- The Man From Yesterday (2005) --- A Matter of Fear (2002) --- The Good and the Dead (2000) --- My Face Among Strangers (1999) --- Fury's Children (1997) --- Remember Me Always (1994) --- Never Quite Dead (1988) --- Voices [Tell Me You Love Me] (1985) --- Holy Secrets (1984) --- The Captain (1982) --- Wellville, USA (1961) --- Manta (1958) --- Anyone's My Name [A Stranger to Myself] (1953)


Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine:
Perfect in Every Way --- A Matter of Principle --- A Race Among Friends --- The Girls of Winter --- Meeting of the Minds --- The Music Lovers --- The Cry of a Violin --- The Patients

Story Magazine:
Nothing Between Us

Before The Flames

Escape Tunnel

Red Herring Mystery Magazine:
The Thanks

Futures Magazine:
The Gray Dog --- The Night Before Morning --- The Concert --- A Leg to Stand On --- The Other Woman --- Master of His Trade --- What A Day

The Savage Kick Literary Magazine:
Lonely No More --- Dead To Rights

What's Your Name, David Letterman?

Murderous Intent Mystery Magazine:
The Statement --- Star Quality --- My Little Katie --- A Loss of Income

Saturn Web Detective Story Magazine:
Talk Me To Death


"Lonely No More" in The Suspense of Loneliness (Birch Brook Press, 2003) --- "The Cry of a Violin" in Murder to Music (Carroll & Graf, 1997)