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Seymour Shubin was the author of fifteen novels and more articles and short stories than he could begin to remember. His novels and stories have won numerous awards. The Captain, received the Edgar Allan Poe Special Award from Mystery Writers of America, and was also the subject of an essay in 100 Great Detectives. Another of his novels, Anyone's My Name, a New York Times' bestseller, and has been used as a text in university criminology courses.

Shubin's works often feature an alter-ego in the form of a writer, friend or family member narrating the third-person story. The first break in this tradition was the autobiographical Why Me?... a poetry collection that deals with direct tales from Shubin's life, beginning with his childhood during the Great Depression.

Seymour Shubin's short stories have appeared in a wide range of publications, ranging from such popular magazines as Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine to the literary Story and Potpourri, where one of his stories won the best-of-year award. A collection of sixteen of Shubin's tales were collected in Lonely No More, which was released in 2012. Other stories have been anthologized, and Shubin has also appeared in MSP's own The Savage Kick #5 and Savage Kick #6. One of Shubin's stories -- The Cry of a Violin -- was broadcast twice on the BBC, whilst The Good and The Dead was collected onto six CDs by Books in Motion. His one nonfiction book was a commissioned biography of John B. Amos, the late founder of the insurance giant, AFLAC.

Early in his career, he was managing editor of a true-detective magazine (Official Detective Stories), where he both edited and wrote dozens of stories, stemming from his work with police and, indeed, with criminals. He subsequently became managing editor of the Psychiatric Reporter, a journal for psychiatrists; and managing editor at Lippincott Publishing Co. But he always took jobs with the idea that he was going to leave to freelance. He eventually rented an office in downtown Philadelphia but paid rent on it for several months before summoning up the courage to leave a well-paying job.

However, once he started, Shubin forged a successful career as a freelance writer, supporting his family on the income derived from a huge amount of articles in a wide variety of magazines. Among the many other magazines in which he featured are: Reader's Digest, Saturday Evening Post, Family Circle, Bluebook and Redbook.

Shubin was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA and was a graduate of Temple University. He lived with his wife, Gloria, in one of the suburbs. They have two married children. His son, Neil Shubin, wrote the paleontology book Your Inner Fish... which was shortlisted for the Royal Society Prize for Science Books in 2009. Neil Shubin followed this with the bestselling The Universe Within in 2012.

Seymour Shubin passed away at his home on November 2nd, 2014, surrounded by his family.