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"Jeffrey Frye is one of the strongest new literary voices to emerge in recent years. What is even more incredible is that he has only recently started on his literary journey - after being sentenced to 20 years in prison and, one imagines, not much else to do. Our luck, you might say..."
"In One Crazy Day, which follows his debut Bank Blogger, Frye tells the crazy story of his last robbery. You want sex, insanity, excitement? One Crazy Day delivers all that. Like in Bank Blogger, his writing is lean and straight to the point, almost Bukowskian, but infused with great comic relief."
"A truly unique new voice in American literature."
--- RDrews (Amazon.co.uk)

"Frye is witty, funny and crazy. He admits to his drug addiction and being 'not-sane.' Yet, he completes complicated tasks like staking out, research, reconnaissance, bank robbery without violence or weapons, escape, making new friends, being kind to people (even strangers and shaggy street dogs), 'dating' an ex-girlfriend over disposable phones, keeping up the appearances with old friends and casual sex. If you study him, you would probably befriend him. He is cool. Bad but cool. Criminal but not 'evil.' I hope things improve for him and that he stays safe in prisons where death visits randomly without notice nor cause. I hope to read more of his adventures in his Bank Robber's Blog.
"[One Crazy Day] is not a celebration of crime in any way. It is just one day in the life of one man. In these crazy days, this is actually entertaining. Wall Street pigs get a bonus. Frye gets 20 years in USP."
--- Ujjwal Dey (Freedom Fiction)

"It is true to say that One Crazy Day is enormously entertaining. Jeff Frye is just a middle-class guy who decided to annihilate himself."
--- u.v. ray (from the introduction to One Crazy Day)

"Like the other two great F's of American confessional literature, John and Dan Fante, Jeffrey Frye writes stories that are insightful, heartfelt and witty."
--- Rasmus Drews

"Jeffrey Frye writes life as he experiences life. There is nothing masked or sugar-coated. His "real" is reality, whether glamorous or seedy."
--- Alexius Rex

"I will never rob a bank but he makes me wish I was the getaway driver."
--- Becky Westbrook