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Murder Slim Press Updates: 2016

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Hell, we've now been running Murder Slim Press for over a decade. Time flies, huh? Here's our history of MSP in 2016.
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--- Christmas in Aleppo sees the Bank Robber's Blog tackling a serious subject with sensitivity. The world is fucked up right now... but the New Year is tomorrow. Drink. Lots. And be good to each other.

--- Jeffrey P. Frye gloats about the Cubs' World Series victory in his brand new blogpost Someday is Today. As a Mets fan, it's tough to take, but at least it's highly entertaining. Here's the post for all you Cubbies and sympathisers.

--- David Noone isn't only just dealing with submissions to The Savage Kick because his superb debut novel Saint Of The City is currently being polished off. It's a real doozy... a mix of brutal realism and gothic horror set around the bookstores, pubs and madhouses of Ireland. Expect it in the middle of next year so we can spread the good word.

--- Three 5-star reviews of Black Cradle so far on Amazon. Just read it. It's available in every format, but it's at its cheapest in the Murder Slim Press shop.
--- Another 5-star Amazon review of Mark SaFranko's Sometimes You Just Don't Want to Know: "SaFranko's prose is as crisp and succinct as ever, perhaps even more so." I couldn't agree more.

--- Jeff is in The Hole yet again and it looks like he's being transferred. This will cause a delay with new Bank Robber's Blogposts. Luckily you've got his two books: One Crazy Day and Bank Blogger to keep you company.
--- Two new MSP books on their way in September. And some Kindle stuff too for non-print readers... just never forget that printed books are where the real goodies are.

JULY 2016
--- Lounge Lizard is now available on Kindle. Don't forget it's ALWAYS been available in the Murder Slim Press Paypal Shop, but I know some of you people love Kindle and want to read the sequel to Hating Olivia.
--- Glowing review of The Artistic Life and Sometimes You Just Don't Want To Know by Christopher Brownsword on Word Riot.
--- Robert McGowan's NAM is still running an unbeaten streak of five star reviews on Amazon. Just buy the fucking book, it's as great as everyone else thinks it is. Rob's A Long Perambulation always makes me cry... in a great way. And I've read it four times now. A bunch of other, informed people are having similar responses and you can now read it on Kindle.

JUNE 2016
--- The Charming Man is the literary equivilent of four shots of Grey Goose. It'll open your eyes, and also give you a real-life insight into Black Cradle. These shots from u.v. ray are free and you can read the blogpost here.
--- Jeff is still in The Hole but The Bank Robber's Blog won't stop. Jeff handwrites letters and he's still producing stories. Here's the latest blogpost On The Bench, which is one of Mister Jeffrey P. Frye's best pieces of work.
--- The renowned Scottish author Tony Black carried out in an interview with u.v. ray. It touches on Black Cradle and a lot more. Read it here.
--- Decibel Magazine interviewed Mark SaFranko here. Natty title too: "Vocation of Unhappiness." As ever, Mark is an interesting interviewee. And it's about time people found our shop page and realised they can quickly and easily buy Lounge Lizard, the sequel to Hating Olivia.

MAY 2016
--- u.v. ray's brilliant Black Cradle has been shortlisted in the Saboteur Awards. A vote for u.v. is a vote for good sense... and great writing.
--- New submission guidelines and a new co-editor for The Savage Kick. We're only responding to submissions to the new email address so read the subs' page in full.
--- Make sure to add our Facebook page to your favourites. I tend to add updates to that faster than I do here. MSP has become all Web 2.0 but also believes that Books 1.0 - fucking printed ones - are comfortably the best way to proceed with the printed word. If you post us a bust Kindle we'll send you a free book.
--- The fifth and sixth Max Zajack books are available in the Murder Slim Press Shop NOW. The Artistic Life and Sometimes You Just Don't Want To Know are set after Lounge Lizard and see Max wrestling between the love of writing and the pressures to "settle down." Let's just say Max will always right and never settle...

APRIL 2016
--- After a rough ride over the last coupla months in our real lives, we're back in the saddle. And now we're long-listed as most innovative publisher in the Saboteur Awards. They got taste!
--- Interesting, and positive, developments with Jeff's situation in prison due to new regulations passed by Obama. Stay tuned and keep an eye on his Bank Robber's Blog. Some of the facts are still private, so let Jeff entertain you with some stories in the meantime.
--- Even for the hardened u.v. ray fan, Black Cradle is something new, distinctive and - in the words of one person who has seen the proof - "fucking great." It's u.v.'s first novel and I can't recommend it highly enough as a vision into the strange hell of Birmingham in the 1980s.

MARCH 2016
--- Two new Max Zajack books from Mark SaFranko very close to release, and now with their own webpages: Sometimes You Just Don't Want To Know and The Artistic Life.

--- A bunch of new Murder Slim Press books will be released over the next few months. Here's two of them... the next two installments of Mark SaFranko's Max Zajack stories. Set after Dirty Work, Sometimes You Just Don't Want To Know and The Artistic Life see Max wrestling to explore and write when faced with the pressing demands of family life. Here are the covers... they fit together if you buy both books.

--- Jeffrey P. Frye is free again! Well, kinda... Jeff is now out of solitary confinement and has been moved to USP Beaumont, near the Mexican border. The first thing he did in his new digs... he wrote an all-new story for The Bank Robber's Blog. It's a must-read, and try to spread the word about his stuff.
--- It's great that Mark SaFranko's The Favor continues to make Best Of lists almost 30 years after its release. And you can still buy signed first edition copies of the book exclusively through the MSP Online Shop.

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